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Snowy scenes in Manchester – Eyewitness mini-feature
Posted at 19:00 on Wednesday 28th January, 2015

This Eyewitness article appeared in the Manchester Evening News on Christmas Eve 2014, Thursday 24th December. I speculated as to whether there would be a white Christmas in Manchester. It was highly unlikely and it didn’t happen. But just over a month later, on Wednesday 28th January, snow fell in Manchester – horizontally! There were […]

Dusk image of Altrincham Interchange and Stagecoach 370 bus
Posted at 13:56 on Wednesday 28th January, 2015

At Altrincham Interchange, a new bus station building was completed in December 2014. It features a larger, brighter concourse with seating and departure information The bus station is just a few steps from Altrincham railway station used by Metrolink trams and trains operating between Manchester and Chester. The railway station first opened in 1881, replacing […]

The beauty of Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens remembered
Posted at 1:08 on Tuesday 27th January, 2015

So the concrete wall in Piccadilly Gardens is to be remodelled. It can’t be removed as it’s built like a nuclear bunker. I remember the sunken gardens with their concentric rectangular layout, and the Coronation fountain at the centre. It was a cheerful place where shoppers and workers strolled along pathways or sat on benches, […]

East Lancashire Railway five photographs
Posted at 23:51 on Sunday 25th January, 2015

A selection of just five photographs from my visit to the East Lancashire Railway. I prefer to take relatively few photos and select just a handful. As I was working on the images, it seemed natural to crop them to 16:9 aspect ratio. Train at Heywood pulled by locomotive Great Marquess, built 1938, prepares for […]

The Great Orme North Wales coast with yellow sky
Posted at 1:55 on Sunday 25th January, 2015

The Great Orme extends northwards into the Irish sea from the North Wales coastline. Though a peninsula – almost an island – it has a similar outline to actual islands further along the coast, such as Puffin Island. The town of Llandudno is located on the Great Orme peninsula (Welsh: Pen y Gogarth) A fantastic […]

View from CIS Building of town hall and south Manchester
Posted at 14:09 on Saturday 24th January, 2015

View from the top of the CIS Building towards the town hall and south Manchester This photo was taken during the Civic Society discussion on tall buildings, held 6 April 2005. Many thanks to the CIS for their hospitality and access to the stunning views over the city. In 2011 I taught English at the […]

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