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Eyewitness 2015 photo and editorial features including articles & photos published in the Manchester Evening News
The Samual Beckett Bridge seen from the west

The Samuel Beckett Bridge – a new symbol of Ireland

The Samuel Beckett Bridge was officially opened in December 2009. I remember it arriving in Dublin after being transported by sea from Rotterdam. It was designed by the ‘bridge designer extraordinaire’ Santiago Calatrava and was built by in Rotterdam by Dutch company Hollandia. I took all but one of these pictures in January 2016. The […]

Night view of the Hulme Arch and Princess Road looking north

Manchester’s A5103 is called Princess Road not Princess Parkway!

First of all, let me get one thing straight: The name of Manchester’s main dual carriageway south out of Manchester city centre, the A5103, is called Princess ROAD, not Princess Parkway. This name is valid as far as the bridge over the Mersey, several miles to the south. Then for less than a mile it […]

Houses on Palmerston Road Dublin with ornate street lamp

The Dublin suburb of Rathmines photos and impressions

  I’ve always been fascinated by the Dublin suburb of Rathmines. To English ears it’s a strange-sounding name. There are no coal mines in Rathmines, the name just means ‘Ring fort of Maonas’. To anyone who knows Dublin, the name in the past might have conjured up various images: ‘bedsit’, ‘dormitory’, ‘sleepy’, ‘students’ and ‘old-fashioned’. […]

Lancaster House and Shena Simon College, the Manchester Colleg on the right

Architectural towers on the skyline of Manchester

  This article appeared in the Manchester Evening News dated Thursday 14th of January, 2016. I have always loved rooftop views whether in Paris, Berlin or Manchester. I still have a vivid memory of the stamp that I discovered on a letter to my mother from her Polish friend, Janina Ciesielska. Though it was tiny, […]

Seed sculpture by Colin Spofforth, Central Park Manchester

Sights along the A62 from Manchester to Oldham (MEN)

Here’s my editorial and photo feature on Oldham Road that appeared in the Manchester Evening News on Thursday 7 January, 2016. It was the first article of the year. On Monday 4th, I took the bus to Oldham and then walked from the town centre back down the A62 as far as Failsworth. It was […]

Kendals / House of Fraser

The fate of 1930s buildings in Manchester – (MEN article)

  This article appeared in the Manchester Evening News that appeared on New Year’s Eve, Thursday 31 Dec 2015. In the first line I made a reference to the famous character Shrek and what he said to Donkey. Unfortunately the editors had to remove it! Presumably for brand usage and copyright reasons. Other than that […]

Liverpool Lime St Station, August 2005 with office block, now demolished

The magnificence of Lime Street Station past, present and future

  Lime St Station is probably the best known and most used building in Liverpool. People from the suburbs and beyond take the train to Lime Street and so do those travelling from further away, such as Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham and London. There are two parts to Lime Street Station, the main line terminal […]

Ancoats Card Room Square

Shadows and open spaces in Ancoats Manchester (MEN article)

  This article appeared in the Manchester Evening News in late 2015, along with a selection of photographs. I’ve been following the development of Ancoats, Manchester for many years. It’s a place with a unique history. It was the first urban industrial district in the world. It has a unique collection of warehouses and other […]

Play A Mother's Ruin directed by Tara Daniels

Interview with Tara Daniels – Review of A Mother’s Ruin at the Lowry

Today (22 Dec 2015) I did an interview with Manchester-based actress Tara Daniels on my All fm radio show, The Tuesday Club. Click to listen to Tara and a selection of her favourite songs. Below is my review of her play A Mother’s Ruin which was performed at the Lowry on 23 November 2015.   […]

Liverpool Waterfront seen from across the river Mersey at dusk

Best view in the UK – Liverpool waterfront seen across Mersey

  For years, the Liverpool waterfront has been one of my favourite subjects. I’ve photographed it quite a few times, especially at dusk. For me it’s the best view in the UK. Better than London, because the skyline is not so crowded and the river is wider. Better than Newcastle, although Newcastle’s great, with its […]