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Whitworth Street West looking towards the Student Castle

The changing face of Whitworth St West

Whitworth Street West is a street that's associated with the field of media, culture and nightlife.   It runs between two historic transport routes: the Rochdale Canal and the railway line from Oxford Rd Station. It seems constantly to be … [More]

John Rylands, Chethams, the Portico, Manchester Central Library

Why Manchester should be called: ‘City of Libraries’

They call Manchester the city of rain, but I think it should be called City of Libraries, as there four major historic libraries in the city centre. They are open to visitors and I went to all four libraries in one day in order to research this … [More]


Forgotten mansions of Manchester and Salford

  In the Manchester area, Tatton Hall, Bramall Hall, Lyme Hall and Heaton Hall are the most famous local mansions or houses that were once the homes of the rich and influential families. But there are smaller and less famous halls that are … [More]

The Lowry Hotel Edge Apartments and River Irwell. Blackfriars Bridge and Manchester Cathedral can be seen straight ahead.

The River Irwell through Salford and Manchester

  The Rhine, the Rhone, the Danube, the Amazon, the Irwell. It doesn't sound quite right but today at least the river that flows through "regional centre", as it's officially called, is cleaner and more attractive than it has ever been over the … [More]

VW Oval Window illustration by Aidan O'Rourke

How I made my VW artwork from photos

This is my illustration of a 1950s oval window VW Beetle next to the beach and the Promenade in Blackpool. I'm known for my photography but I also like to draw. As I always emphasise to my photography students: Art and photography are closely … [More]


Featured book: Liverpool Then and Now

  The changing face of the city has been a dominant theme in my photography since the early days. It was fitting therefore that I was commissioned by Anova books in 2011 to take the 'now' photos for the book Liverpool Then and Now. I was … [More]

Victoria Baths image with model MissKCat

Victoria Baths Photography Workshop

  The Victoria Baths Photography Workshop is a three hour guided visit, giving you VIP access to take photographs inside this magnificent building. The photo workshop takes place on some open days, when the Baths are open to the public. Open … [More]

The 2 most important basic principles of photography are...

And the two basic principles of photography are…?

  In this second video for the Audio-Visual School, I'm going to ask the question: What are the two fundamental principles of photography. Now photography is a combination of science and art. That's one of the things I like about … [More]

Althorp Street Liverpool with view of the Mersey and Welsh Hills

The Welsh influence on Liverpool and the Scouse accent

There are many connections between Liverpool and Wales. It's said that Liverpool is regarded by many people in North Wales as their capital, not Cardiff. The Welsh accent has influenced the Liverpool accent, and the border with Wales is just twelve … [More]

Tony Wilson 1998

Tony Wilson interviewing Aidan O’Rourke & guests 2007

In June 2007 Tony Wilson interviewed Adele Loch Arlene McCarthy and me at the Cornerhouse Manchester. It was on a BBC Radio Manchester programme called Talk of the Town. Businesswoman Adele Lock founded the Gentry grooming company in Manchester. … [More]

Manchester Then and Now book cover

Featured book: Manchester Then and Now

  Manchester Then and Now is a book written by Jonathan Schofield presenting archive images of Manchester placed side by side with contemporary scenes - captured by yours truly Aidan O'Rourke! The book was published in May 2010 by Batsford … [More]

Silhouetted street lamp and rooftops, Wellington Grove, Stockport

Photo Essay: Silhouetted Scenes at Dusk

  I love the effect of dusk light, when street lights, buildings are cast into shadow and appear silhouetted against the sky. In the urban landscape of northern England, many of these buildings remind us of the past. Modern elements such as … [More]


History of Fashion Photography Pt 1

I became interested in fashion photography when, in 1991, I saw the exhibition Fashion Photography since the Second World War at the Victoria and Albert Museum. I found images very inspiring. I had never before seen so many original  prints from … [More]

Seamus Heaney by Jon Parker-Lee

Review of Manchester Photographer Jon Parker-Lee

  Jon Parker Lee has been active as a photographer in Manchester since 1993. An exhibition in November/December 2013 at the basement venue 2022 in Manchester's Northern Quarter celebrated his 20 years in the photography business. I went to … [More]