Civil Justice Centre Manchester at night

Manchester Albert Square Town Hall and post box

Liverpool Queensway Tunnel traffic at dusk with light trails

Gates to Strawberry Field inspiration for the song by John Lennon

Sunset over the Dee Estuary seen from West Kirby

Dusk view from Beetham Hilton Tower Manchester

Manchester Rochdale Canal fog 1996 (bw)

Manchester United 'Holy Trinity' statue George Best Denis Law Bobby Charlton

New fiction and non-fiction by Aidan O'Rourke

Stargirl of the Edge cover
Stargirl of the Edge
An Anglo-Chinese coming of age story set in Cheshire. 113,000 words, 68 chapters. Aims to entertain, educate, and present the local area to a world audience. Serialised on Wattpad. For release on Amazon Kindle later. Click to read Chapter One 'Arrival / Dao Lai'.
Digital Photography Rules of the Road cover
Digital Photography Rules of the Road
A practical no-nonsense photography manual inspired by the Highway Code. In sections with bullet points, commentary, symboles and diagrams. First edition to be released on Amazon Kindle. Sample section in preparation.

Blog posts

Library Walk and Cornerhouse, the campaigns that made me return to Eyewitness

Posted at 21:48 on Thursday 14th August, 2014

I produced my old website Eyewitness in Manchester from 1997 to 2005 and major part of it was campaigning. I protested against Manchester City Council’s disastrous changes to Piccadilly, as well as several other projects. Since then I have become very disillusioned with how Manchester has developed for many reasons. Family involvements took me back […]

Steam train at Stockport Station
History of the railway from Piccadilly to Crewe – A new book with archive photos

Posted at 12:28 on Friday 8th August, 2014

I’ve always been fascinated by local history. I love to imagine how things were in different times, whether during my childhood or 100 or more years ago. I have a special interest in railways. I grew up near Cheadle Heath station and travel between Stockport’s Edgeley station and Manchester’s Piccadilly Station on most days. I […]

My first photos in New York – Lament for Kodachrome

Posted at 19:27 on Monday 4th August, 2014

In this video I talk about at one of the first photographs I took with my first film camera, the Fujica STX-1 SLR. I bought it while I was working in New York in the summer of 1981. It was the very first long exposure shot I ever did. I’ll never forget the excitement of […]

A Taste of Honey
A selection of Twenty of my favourite books and films

Posted at 13:14 on Sunday 13th July, 2014

Here I’ve selected twenty of my favourite films and books. For me, books and films are of equal importance. They are stories, life experiences, fantasies, but told through through either words on a page or images on a screen. My own story ideas often encompass both writing and moving images. This is just a small […]

Manchester Architecture Canvas Prints
Manchester Architecture canvas prints – a unique artwork

Posted at 12:27 on Thursday 26th June, 2014

This set of eight canvases on the theme of Manchester Architecture was created in 2013 as part of a special project. I needed to express the idea of architecture in Manchester, old and new in the form of tall, narrow images. In each image, I placed an example of modern architecture on the left and […]

Obscure fact about photography: There were cameras in the Middle Ages!
Posted at 15:17 on Thursday 5th June, 2014

We may think of the camera as a modern invention, but not many people know that cameras were used in the Middle Ages. It’s speculated that they were used secretly, as those who used them didn’t want the wider world to find out about them. These cameras were used to make amazingly detailed and vibrant […]

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