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From Eyewitness in Manchester to Eyewitness Manchester Liverpool NW

I founded my Eyewitness in Manchester website in early 1997. I was one of the first people to regularly publish photographs and articles from Manchester on the internet. Today I continue to produce articles from my home city, extending to the wider region and rebranded as Eyewitness Manchester Liverpool NW.

I originally launched the Eyewitness in Manchester site on my aidan.co.uk domain. I wanted to write short 500 word newsletter feature with one photo. At the time I felt there was a niche, as there were no other newspaper websites publishing regular news from Manchester.

In 1998 I was invited by New Media Director Tony Whalley, to produce Eyewitness in Manchester as part of the embryonic Manchester Online website. It was part of the Guardian Media Group and closely linked to the Manchester Evening News.

I produced Eyewitness in Manchester as a freelance contributor from 1998 until around 2005.

From 2010 onwards I am re-publishing my original Eyewitness in Manchester articles on my aidan.co.uk site under the banner of Eyewitness Manchester Liverpool NW. I have expanded the name so that I can group all my articles from Manchester and the North West region together.

The old Eyewitness in Manchester articles will be added gradually

I am proud to have been photographing and writing about Manchester and my home region more or less continuously since the mid-90s and I intend to continue and develop this interest into the future.

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