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My part in Being Sold by Manchester film director Phil Hawkins - See Buy Watch

Being Sold is an independent British movie, a satirical comedy about a man who sells himself on an internet auction site. It was made in two days last August 2010 and was first shown (to an invited audience) on the morning of the10th of October, the exact time period in which it was set.

This innovative project is the work of Manchester-based film director Phil Hawkins and the script is by Aidan Magrath. A host of others helped to make the film happen. Find out lots of interesting info on the accompanying 'making of' documentary.

What's my connection with the film? I helped out with stills photography on both days of filming. The main stills photographer, who did the images for the poster and other publicity photos, was Justin Windle.

It was a fun couple of days when the film crew descended on a suburban avenue in Cheadle and turned a real house into the home of the fictional character John, played by Christopher Dane, and his best friend Chris, portrayed by Lee Boardman.

A large group of friends and locals stood outside the house, creating the crowd scenes. There were musicians, VIP guests, lots of lights, vans, trailing cables, a mobile cafeteria, technicians, cameramen and of course actors.

As ever with making a film, most of the time you're standing around waiting for something to happen, but it's a fun kind of waiting around where you can get to chat with some famous people. I definitely enjoyed the experience.

And I'm proud to say my photo of rival broadcaster Dan was used to make the cutout of him that appears in the film. My photo of John at the front door squinting was printed on the T shirts sold by Terry Christian. And I am visible in the crowd of photographers near the end of the film.

It was great to be part of it and to see my name in the credits at the end! I also picked up a lot of insights into the practicalities of filmmaking which I'm incorporating into my own film project Train to Funky Island.

From the afternoon of 19 June 2011, the film has been available for streaming via Distrify. The video 'window' is embedded at the top of this page. Just follow the instructions to pay and view the film.

I always like to support Manchester-based independent filmmaking, as well as the work of a fellow Aidan! Being Sold is miles better than most commercial movies churned out by Hollywood, and it has won awards too!

You can enjoy this entertanining film now, it's a simple as 'See, Buy, Watch'!

See also the website of Manchester commercial photographer and Being Sold stills photographer Justin Windle www.justinwindle.co.uk

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