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Recommended hotel: the Island Jewel Inn Boracay Philippines

If you're looking for a good place to stay on the island of Boracay, Philippines, I can recommend the Island Jewel inn, located on the southern stretch of the famous White Beach. I'm acquainted with the owners and can vouch for their dedication to the highest standards of service. I designed their website www.islandjewelinn.com.


The Island Jewel hotel is located in the Boat Station 3 area along the famous Boracay White Beach in a village called Manoc Manoc. This is a quiet area, and the hotel is situated about 80 yards or one minute's walk from the beach.

Boracay Island Jewel Hotel

It's a family run hotel with fourteen rooms and a small restaurant.

From here you can explore the island by tricycle or on foot. There is easy access to Station 2 and Station 1 where all the main bars, restaurants and night life can be found.

As the hotel is in a quiet, undisturbed area, its great to return there for some guaranteed nighttime rest.

Despite the quiet location the hotel is not isolated. There are some good restaurants and quiet bars located within a few minutes walk.

Boracay Island Jewel Hotel

For instance there's Red Pirates, a traditional nipa hut style beach bar run by Joey and a group of very friendly Filipinos. From this bar you can organise a sailing trip in a traditional style Philippine sailing boat.

Here are some reasons why you should consider staying at the Island Jewel Inn.

It's clean and well-run. This is a family run business where the staff will look after you, give advice, help with problems. Different family members all work the hotel.

Purified water is used in the kitchens. Nawasa water supply is a high quality source of clean water that is pumped in from the nearby island of Panay is also available and piped to the Hotel.

It's a modern hotel (completed 2008) built to European standards - Rooms have good quality showers, en suite bathroom, air conditioning, ceiling fans, security safes, fridges, tv and most important for me, free wi-fi.

There is a night porter with security staff. Not all hotels on Boracay are protected by security.

It's competitively priced with daily, weekly and monthly negotiated rates, charged per room, not per person. Rooms vary in size to accommodate, two, three or four people.

There is a roof terrace open to guests and a garden area for relaxation and dining.

Travel industry insiders rate Boracay as being at the 'high end' of Philippine tourism. It has developed into the most highly rated international tourist destination in the Philippines.

Boracay Island Jewel Hotel

Boracay offers a wide range of activities , including scuba diving, kite-boarding, horse-riding, local Filipino sailing, luxury yacht sailing, golfing on championship courses, quadbiking, even helicopter trips to neighbouring islands, or if you prefer, you can just laze on the famous white beach.

Despite the recent tourism-related development, Boracay is considered by many to have retained its traditional Filipino charm.

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Boracay Island Jewel Hotel

Written by Aidan O'Rourke
Posted/Updated 2014-07-11

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