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Chinese one-to-one tuition in Manchester

I am pleased to offer Chinese one-to-one tuition in association with my Chinese teacher and teaching colleague Jin Shuo. At present I am learning Chinese language with her at the Manchester College of Languages but in the future I hope to offer Chinese tuition myself. Please get in touch if you are interested in learning Chinese. I will discuss your requirements and put you in touch with my colleague to arrange sessions.

Course Chinese private tuition
Level Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Cost By arrangement with the tutor, between £22 and £28 per hour, plus a contribution towards travelling expenses, if applicable.
Location At your home or office or another location, by mutual agreement.
How you will benefit You will be able to quickly gain confidence and make progress in Chinese, with targeted help to achieve the best pronunciation and fluency.
To arrange Contact Aidan O'Rourke

There are some common misconceptions surrounding Chinese.

"Chinese is a very difficult language, far more difficult than any European language."
Wrong! Chinese has a simple, logical structure. There are no irregular verbs to learn, as in French, German or Spanish, no problems with plural forms in German or how words combine as in French.

Learning Chinese characters is a huge task.
Absolutely not! When you learn Chinese you have the phonetic alphabet Pinyin, which also tells you how to pronounce the words. Learning Chinese characters is fun and gives you an insight into an ancient and fascinating culture. You can learn in stages, itís remarkable how soon you begin to recognise them.

"The pronunciation is very difficult."
Not true! Itís true Chinese uses rising and falling tones to distinguish words, but they are easy to pronounce. You just have to Ďsingí. There are no nasal vowels as in French or complex combinations of consonants as in German.

There are also a number of reasons to learn Chinese:

It is the up and coming economy in the world. We hear about China all the time. The more you can understand about this country, the better.

If you are in business and would like to trade with China, you are more likely to win over your Chinese counterparts if you can show them you have made an effort to learn their language. A little Chinese will go a long way!

A knowledge of the language turns a business trip or holiday into a much more interesting experience. Hong Kong and other parts of the Chinese speaking world are great places to visit and if you know some Chinese, you will enjoy the trip even more.

Many schoolchildren are now learning Chinese If you want to keep up with your sons and daughters and possibly help them or share in the experience of learning, now is the time. More and more schools are offering Chinese alongside the more traditional languages.

To find out about learning Chinese, get in contact with Aidan OíRourke now.


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