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Principles of photography illustrated in photos from my collection

Photographing the moon - easy if you know how

Light trails at dusk in Stockport

Capturing mood and atmosphere on holiday

Exposure compensation used in a dusk shot

Compressing the view with a zoom lens

The optimum time for a dusk city view

modern architecture from a distance

An unconventional photographic angle

Extreme perspective on modern architecture

Images combined in Photoshop

Creative possibilities of the wide angle lens

Creative use of empty space and asymmetry
Photographing architecture at night

Being in the right place at the right time

Cutting out and pasting in Photoshop

The best shutter speed for fireworks

The best shutter speed for moving vehicles

Effect of a very long time exposure

Modern architecture photography

Talks presentations slide shows and short film screenings by Aidan O'Rourke

I regularly give talks and presentations on my photography, film and publishing projects, including screenings of my short films and videos. I have an easy-going, interactive approach. I never read from a text and always involve the audience by the use of question and answer sessions.

Talks, Presentations, Slideshows, Short Film Screenings
Length Normally one to two hours
Cost of booking Based on my hourly rate plus expenses.
Equipment required: A digital projector with sound system. I can bring a USB to plug in to your computer, or use my own computer.
How to book Contact Aidan O'Rourke

People find my photos, film and video projects interesting, as they focus on the local area and deal with accessible themes, so there is always plenty to discuss. I love answering questions and generally providing audiences with an interesting and thought-provoking experience.

Here are some examples of talks and presentations I have done or plan to do:

An engagement at a camera club, incorporating a slide show of my ‘Then and Now’ photos from Manchester or Liverpool, or both. I can bring along copies of books for people to browse. Alternative topics: My journey in photography; the transition from film to digital photography.

A presentation at a video club, incorporating a screening of my short film The Train to Funky Island. I can talk about the background to the project, how I made the film on a budget of a few hundred pounds using a second hand DSLR camera.

A photo presentation at a club or society in Germany. I can give the presentation in German or English, or a mixture of both. I usually showcase my home region of North West England, including Manchester and Liverpool.

A demonstration of some of the techniques I use in Photoshop, both the ones with a ‘wow’ factor using multiple layers, or the more day to day techniques of contrast adjustment, correcting distortion and removing objects using the cloning tool.

An ‘author/director’ event in which I talk about my book and film project Stargirl of the Edge. I will read excerpts from the book and show both the 2 minute trailer and the 15 minute taster film. I can reveal the intriguing background to the project and some of the spooky co-incidences that have taken place during the development of the project. After the event, people can follow progress to see if and when the book is published an/or the film is made.

I look forward to giving a talk or presentation at your society or organisation. Please get in touch now by phoning or texting 07779 290082 or you can email or use the contact form.

"I can highly recommend Aidan O'Rourke as a personal tutor in photography. Having developed a passion for the camera, Aidan has helped me to understand composition, detail and light. He also greatly eased my transition from compact to DSLR allowing me to fully understand how the technical aspects work together to produce the final image. Aidan's personal one to one tutorials are delivered with patience and understanding leading to a natural progression of confidence and competence which has had a marked impact on my work. I expect to benefit from his experience for many years to come."

Linda Rimmer, photography student, Northwich
Aidan O'RourkePhotographer Tutor Aidan O’Rourke has built up a wide range of professional experience in both film and digital photography. He first became interested in photography in 1981. Since 1996 he has documented Manchester and Liverpool in photos and words. He has taken the 'now' photos for Manchester Then and Now, Manchester United Then and Now and Liverpool Then and Now (Anova Books). 107 of his photos are featured in the book Rebuilding Manchester by Euan Kellie. He wrote the Q&A pages for the first 27 issues of Digital Camera Magazine. From July 2008 to April 2009, his gigantic Manchester Mega-Photo was displayed in the foyer at Manchester’s Urbis Museum. He is based in Stockport and covers Manchester, Liverpool and northern England.

Keywords: photography talks, photography events, camera clubs, video clubs, camera societies.

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