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Rebuilding Manchester - illustrated book by Euan Kellie including 105 of my photos

I am proud to introduce what I consider to be the definitive guide to the reconstruction of Manchester following the IRA bomb of 1996. Itís called Rebuilding Manchester and was written by my friend Euan Kellie. Itís a full colour, hardback edition with 255 pages, 467 images and graphics, of which 384 are photographs. 105 of those photos are mine. Over 40 of them are displayed at half to full page. My Manchester Mega-Photo is on the cover.

Rebuilding Manchester front cover

Rebuilding Manchester tells the story of how Manchester responded after a massive IRA terrorist bomb devastated a large section of the city centre on 15 June 1996. Euan has assembled a fascinating selection of photos taken just after the explosion. Unfortunately I wasnít there to witness the immediate aftermath as I didnít arrive back from teaching abroad until the 15th of July of that year.

From then on I started to document my home city and in early 1997 founded my website Eyewitness in Manchester. Euan has included a good number of the photos I took during the 90s as well as many taken up to the publication year of 2010.

There are 13 chapters or sections including the forward written by Sir Howard Bernstein, Chief Executive of Manchester City Council. He was at the launch of the book at Beluga Bar on.

Euan Kellie and Sir Howard Bernstein at the launch event of Rebuilding Manchester 1 July 2010
Euan Kellie and Sir Howard Bernstein at launch event 1 July 10

Other chapters focus on commercial, residential, historic and retail. The penultimate chapter looks to the future.

Most fascinating - and alarming - are drawings from the 1945 City of Manchester Plan, which proposed the demolition of Alfred Waterhouseís neo-gothic town hall as well as most other buildings in the city centre (though not the town hall extension or the Central Library).

The book addresses that frequent remark that people like to make, namely that the IRA did Manchester a great favour by exploding the bomb. I disagree totally with this statement. From my reading of the book it seems clear that the bomb accelerated a process of regeneration that was already underway, but it also caused huge destruction and could have taken the lives of hundreds of Mancunians if it had gone off prematurely.

Euan is a chartered surveyer and has worked in the property industry both in the public and private sector. So as well as observing, he has played an active role in the process himself. He gives an industry insiderís point of view but the account is very readable and uses only a minimal amount of planning and development jargon.

I feel very proud to have been able to contribute more than a quarter of the photos in the book, many displayed at larger size, occupying both half pages and full pages. Apart from the Manchester Mega-Photo on the cover, front and rear, the image of mine that seems most striking is the night view of the Civil Justice Centre on page 90.

Civil Justice Centre by night

Rebuilding Manchester is an attractive coffee table book you can enjoy dipping into again and again, studying the photos and perusing all the maps, charts and diagrams. But itís also an authoritative account of a key phase in the development of Manchester. In years to come people will refer to Rebuilding Manchester to get an accurate view of this period and Iím glad that many of the photos they will be looking at were taken by me!

Rebuilding Manchester is published by The Derby Books Publishing Company Ltd (DB Books). The website is www.dbpublishing.co.uk and see also the Rebuilding Manchester book page.

Euanís website www.rebuildingmanchester.co.uk remains his original oeuvre, the one that he founded around the same time as I began publishing my own Eyewitness in Manchester site.

If youíre interested in a copy of Rebuilding Manchester that has been signed by me, please contact.

Rebuilding Manchester rear cover

Written by Aidan O'Rourke
Posted/Updated 2010-08-13

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