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Actress & producer Tara Daniels - Interview and theatre review

In December 2015 I did an interview with Manchester-based actress Tara Daniels on my ALL fm radio show, The Tuesday Club. Click to listen to my interview with Tara in which she introduces a selection of her favourite songs. Below is my review of her play A Mother's Ruin which was performed at the Lowry on 23 November 2015.

Play A Mother's Ruin directed by Tara Daniels

This evening I went to see a play at the Lowry that was the work of a small but ambitious theatre group. The name of the play was ‘A Mother’s Ruin’ and in the lead roles were Nadia Dilemy and Tara Daniels. The play was written by David Smith and Tom Arrow Smith, and was performed for one night only. I’m really glad I went.

The action revolves around the lives of two sisters, Alice who stayed in the north and Andrea who moved to London and married a rich husband. They are reunited for the funeral of their mother. While the reception continues in the main hall, the two women chat about life, relationships and how their lives have gone.

As they interact with each other, there is much friction and gradually a picture begins to emerge. There is resentment, deceit, jealousy, regret. e final ‘blow'The plot begins to spiral to the point where we don’t know what to believe. The ending is actually quite shocking and leaves you breathless.

A Mother’s Ruin is a remarkable achievement and holds your attention from the very beginning and right they way through to the end. We are drawn into a world of family intrigue and dysfunctionalty that comes across as much more realistic and biting than a TV soap opera.

Tara was very natural as Andrea, who is full of airs and graces, and appears to be self-confident and apparently enjoying her life of luxutry. Nadia was convincing as the down to earth sister who faces the stresses and strains of running a farm.

Tara Daniels has wide experience in theatre and on TV. She played in the comedy ‘Oh Dr Beeching’ and has appeared on Coronation Street. She teaches drama and founded the +30 theatre company. I have seen her in a number of productions but in my opinion this is the best one yet.

I would love to watch A Mother’s Ruin all the way through again, hopefully soon. The Lowry on opening night The Lowry on opening night 12 Oct 2000

Written by Aidan O'Rourke
Posted/Updated 2016-12-15

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