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Book with advice for the 50+ retired generation: 'I've Finished So I'll Start'.

The notice in Tesco says "If you are lucky enough to appear under 21, please provide proof of age." I never understood what is so great about being spotty and under age looking, even after your 21st birthday. Personally I think the cult of youth is passť. Today it's cool to be 50 and over. Look at David Bowie. And how many of the Hacienda generation now qualify for a bus pass? The way things are heading, there will soon be more over 60's than under 16s.

To cater for this growing segment of society, Steve Howarth and John Houghton have written a book entitled: ĎIíve Finished, so Iíll Startí, published in July 2007. It features on the Amazon Best Selling Lists of books in this category.

On the left is the book cover, plus some notable people aged 50+ - in some cases nearly 50+50 - who I have met and photographed.

Both authors have a distinguished career in business, education and the police force behind them. In contrast to many tomes aimed at providing help and advice for 'seniors', this one has a positive, upbeat message, and is packed with useful information, jokes and anecdotes.

In one sense it is a practical guide to retirement and all that it entails. It challenges many myths and stereotypes, and highlights the exciting and stimulating opportunities available to people at this stage of their lives. It offers a blueprint for a successful, active life after work.

In another sense it is controversial, analysing how mature people are often portrayed negatively in the media, as well as being marginalized in political and economic affairs. It maintains that the battle against ageism is the same as past battles fought against sexism, racism and sexual preferences.

This book should be of interest to anyone aged fifty and over, and maybe younger! The self-proclaimed aim of the authors is "to provide a clarion call for mature people to take up their cudgels and prepare for the inevitable Generation Wars, where more and more people chase fewer and fewer resources."

They maintain that all over-50s must become warriors in the forthcoming Battle of the Birthdays, but do so with laughter and a smile on their faces.

The first two chapters are superbly written and absolutely hilarious, satirising the contemporary workplace with its endless initiatives, mission statements and empty slogans.

'Ive started so I'll finish' has reached number 3 on the Amazon best seller list for books of this type, which is quite an achievement.

I was contacted by co-author Steve Howarth, south Manchester / Stockport ex-resident and former Xavs boy who had seen my interview with Brother Cyril - now there's an active senior!

I am always willing to help authors promote their work, especially if they are local or writing about a subject that ties in with my main themes.

I personally am never going to retire as I am engaged in a lifetime project. Producing photos, articles, audio, film and other media is what I am here for, it's lots of fun and makes money. I'll probably be like my mother who at the age of 84 used to say 'I can't stand going to the day centre with all those old dears'.

Go to YouTube and David Bowie talking to Parkinson about being a rock n roller at 57

But I'm sure there are plenty of useful tips here for anyone who is, as they say, 'over the hill' - that's to say, the worst bit is over, and the best is yet to come.

This book has achieved the Amazon best seller list! Click here to read a message from the author.

For interview or further information contact; Steve Howarth @ howarth_steve@hotmail.com

Written by Aidan O'Rourke
Posted/Updated 2007-07-21

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