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Book Review: The Munich Air Disaster by Stephen R Morrin

The Munich Air Disaster is one of the few Manchester local history events from past decades that is widely remembered today. The crash which killed many of 'The Busby Babes' shocked Manchester and the world and continues to have repercussions half a century later. The 'Munich Air Disaster' by aviation historian and author Stephen Morrin tells the full story of what happened, including the shocking truth about the cause of the accident.

Sporting tragedy

On 6 February 1958 a British European Airways Airspeed Ambassador aircraft crashed in a snow storm at Munich's Riem airport. It had already made two attempts at taking off from a runway covered in ice and slush. 23 people were killed, including eight footballers from Matt Busby's Manchester United team.

They had an average age of 22 and were affectionately known as the 'Busby Babes'. These were top players of their time, and should have gone on to a glittering career over the next decade.

Players who died included Duncan Edwards, Tommy Taylor, Roger Byrne, David Pegg and Liam Whelan from Dublin.

Legal treachery

According to an enquiry conducted by the German authorities, the cause of the accident was pilot error. In his book 'The Munich Air Disaster', Steve Morrin establishes beyond doubt that the crash was not caused by pilot error.

Steve Morrin has conducted in depth research into all aspects of the crash, including interviews with those directly involved. He shows that the pilot, Captin James Thain, performed his duties with great heroism, and was shamefully treated by aviation authorities over a number of years.

Written by an aviation expert

Steven Morrin has extensive experience and knowledge of aircraft crash investigation and is the author of 'The Day the Sky Fell Down' about the Stockport air crash of 1967, and 'The Devil Casts His Net', about the Winter Hill Air Disaster of 1958.

'The Munich Air Disaster' is a story of tragedy, heroism, legal treachery and one of the defining moments in the story of Manchester United. In the aftermath of the crash, Manchester United rose to legendary status, and continue to be one of the most high profile football clubs in the world today.

Stephen Morrin is based in Woodley, Cheshire, 9 miles south east of Manchester.

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The official launch date was Tuesday 25 September 2007. 'The Munich Air Disaster' by Stephen R Morrin is published by Gill & Macmillan - Dublin. price 10.99 ISBN 9780717141104

The author is taking orders for the book. Contact him via e-mail MORRSTEPH3@aol.com, by mobile phone 07940-100-990 or landline 0161 406 8399.

Written by Aidan O'Rourke
Posted/Updated 2007-06-20

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