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The Geometric Table - A unique example of hand-crafted furniture

In an age when much of the furniture in people homes is mass produced and probably came out of a flatpack, it's refreshing to find a piece of furniture design that's uniquely designed and crafted.

This hand-made table with metal inlay is literally like no other table in the world. It's a one-off prototype of a design by boatbuilder and furniture designer Conrad Dare. Qualified as a boatbuilder and experienced in working with both wood and metal, he came up with the idea of combining these two materials in a table. The design of the inlay is based on an ancient geometric pattern similar to those created in ancient Greece and India.

The surface of the table is made of several rectangular sections of oak joined together and varnished to a smooth finish. It is supported on a round and very solid steel base. The metal geometric pattern is inlaid into the wood using a computerised cutting system which allows it to be inserted flush into the grooves. An unusual and pleasing feature of this table is that if you place an anglepoise halogen lamp above it, the design is reflected onto the ceiling. The reflected pattern has a soft, slightly out-of-focus quality that has a magical, calming effect.

Conrad has travelled extensively in Morocco and India, where he learned about ancient art and the sacred geometry used to build temples and other architecture. He trained in carpentry at the International boatbuilding college Lowestoft, and has carried out complete refurbishment jobs on several wooden boats. He has also used his skills in the restoration of his home, a former slate-worker's cottage near Llanberis, North Wales.

At the moment, the geometric table is in the early stages of development. He plans to produce other designs, with different patterns and types of wood. But whatever the design, each one will be a unique piece of work like no other.

The table was on display at the Chelsea and Tatton flower shows, and has attracted a great deal of interest. This combination of old-fashioned craftsmanship with contemporary style would suit either a traditional, modern or 'new age' home. The Geometric Table retails for 2000 (including VAT), and can be made to order and shipped anywhere in the UK or the world. To find out more, contact Conrad Dare directly on 00 44 7718 524 337.

Written by Aidan O'Rourke
Posted/Updated 2004-05-21

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