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How to make real money from Google Adsense Ads

It really is possible to generate substantial revenue by running Google Adsense adverts on your website. I know, because I do. But there are certain things you need to bear in mind. Here I present a quick guide to running Adsense ads on a website. Running Google ads on your site really can turn your website into a money-making machine, and how you do it isn't rocket science. But there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. Here is a brief guide in bullet points.

Sign up to Adsense and see if it works for you!

You're never going to make any money from the Google Adsense program if you don't join it. That's something I found out to my cost after putting off joining Adsense as I didn't think it would make any money and I thought it would take a long time to set up. When I finally signed up, it only took minutes to place the ads on my site, they started making money right away - not much, but over time it grew. I missed out on quite a bit of revenue while I was putting off signing up. Don't make the same mistake, try using Adsense ads now!

Use a simple site with html

One thing needs to be clear: A trendy flash-based site with introductory animation, hovering mission statements and cool sound effects will be absolutely useless from an Adsense point of view and from a search engine optimisation (SEO) point of view too. You can't paste Adsense ads onto the pages of a Flash-based site. Better to use a basic down-to-earth site well written text using html, preferably error-free and W3C compliant. If you already have a trendy flash site, then add a set of HTML pages on which to run the Google ads. You could make a blog such as WordPress or any other method. Please note Google Adsense and Google search are separate entities but using simple html pages with well-written text will be beneficial for both.

Don't be discouraged if there is little or no revenue at first

You've placed the Adsense code on your pages, with anticipation you've seen the ads appear and wonder how many clicks and how many dollars you are going to make, only to find when you look in your account, there is barely any revenue at all. Don't be discouraged! It can take a lot of time and effort to build your income with Adsense. Be patient! Even if it only made 50 cents per day in the beginning, that would add up to around 180 dollars or 90 pounds per year. That's real money isn't it?

Be aware, some topics pay a lot, others pay very little

The most important thing to understand about Adsense ads is that some ads pay only a modest amount, while others pay quite a lot.That's because advertisers bid against each other for keywords. When their ad appears on your site they hope that visitors will click on their ad and buy their product or service. If the product or service is very sought after, the ads will cost more. Your site may be on a subject that's not related to a sought-after product or service, in which case it may not make much money. But you could investigate further, and maybe extend the range of content, so that more profitable ads appear. Investigate, test, prepare to be surprised, think laterally.

Beware of so-called 'gurus' - They can really lead you on the wrong track

There are many so-called 'gurus' who claim to offer the secrets of making huge profits with Google Adsense - in return for a large payment of course. Often the information they provide is not a secret at all and can be accessed for free on the Google site. Amongst the false Adsense gurus I have found two or three individuals who offer good information - at a price - but I am not going to recommend them here. In my opinion it's better to start at the Google site. One 'guru' seriously led me astray and I lost out on a lot of income because of his bad advice.

Get your information from Google, contact them, get them to help you

Work with Google. It's their program. If you're legit, produce good quality content that brings genuine customers to their advertisers, they will want you to succeed. I can't stress this enough. Many people are reluctant to interact with Google, the sleeping giant. I have personally found their support to be very good indeed.

Aim to produce excellent quality, useful and interesting content

The main purpose of a website is to provide interesting and useful information. In what form is most information on the internet transmitted? Words. If the words are well-crafted, informative, original, of high quality and relevant to what the visitor is looking for, he or she will be engaged by your site and they will happily click on ads that appear to offer something useful. Remember, pictures and other graphics are only of secondary importance to Adsense ads. Google's advanced system reads the words on your page and serves ads it thinks are relevant. It's amazing how it does it in just a split second. Those ads can generate a lot of income for you.

Don't cheat, observe the TOC, maintain high standards.

I have a friend who put Google ads on his site, clicked on them himself and immediately got banned. It's important to be aware of Google's conditions and to work fairlySome website publishers still think that by underhand methods, they can make a lot of money for minimum effort. But Google is wise to this, and getting wiser. But there are some things you might think are OK, but are against Google's terms. Read the terms carefully and stick to them.

Optimise, test, track, monitor, and optimise some more!

One of the most common mistakes made by novice Adsense publishers is to stick the ads on the page and forget about them. Once your ads are running, you need to monitor them carefully. Use channels to find out which are the more profitable topic areas on your site from an Adsense point of view. The results may not be what you expect! Find out all about page impressions, CTR, eCPM and all the other things you need to know. It's all there on the Google site. Try out a new page on a new subject. Optimise with different ad formats, colours and layouts. Just one small layout change can transform the income-generating power of ads on the page! And once you've optimised, tested, tracked and monitored, go and optimise some more!

Don't believe the hype, disinformation and speculation

I have read a lot of false information on the internet and in some cases followed it, to my loss. I've been advised that I must split up my big site into little sites and I'll make more money. Or if you use these words in the title, or put that phrase so many times in the text, the page will come up higher on search engines. So-called experts mostly can't provide the answers to questions relating to your site. You can become the expert by testing what works and what doesn't.

Keep producing pages that are useful, informative, entertaining and more...

That is the true key to success with Google Adsense program. Google wants to see an internet populated with interesting and useful websites and web pages, not spammy, worthless trashy rubbish copied and re-copied from countless other sites. High quality original content doesn't come easily or quickly, but it will pay off in the end. A website should be updated at least once a week, better once a day - maybe even every couple of hours - or minutes! A little often is better than large but infrequent updates.

These tips barely scratch the surface of this fascinating topic. If you have any comments or questions, please contact and I will consider writing more articles on how to make real money with Google Adsense ads.

Written by Aidan O'Rourke
Posted/Updated 2007-04-21

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