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Stunning views over Manchester from Mauldeth Rd station temporary footbridge

A temporary footbridge set up at Mauldeth Rd Station provided a superb vantage point from which to gaze out across south Manchester in all directions. The station was rebuilt during 2007 and the footbridge was set up to provide access to the northbound platform as the access ramp from Mauldeth Road is closed. The bridge was taken down in mid-2007.

The bridge is quite high, as it has to clear the overhead cables.

From there, the tall buildings of Manchester are visible above the rooftops of Withington and Fallowfield.

Nearest is the Manchester University Owen's Park Tower, south Manchester's tallest and most iconic building, now no longer threatened with demolition.

Then the buildings of the city centre are spaced out at intervals, from the Beetham Hilton Tower on the left to another new residential building, Skyline Central the far right.

To the west it's possible to see the dome of the Trafford Centre, and you can gaze north west over the roofs of South Manchester towards the high rise flats of Salford. Rising up in the distance is Winter Hill.

To the east, the Pennines seem quite close. Alderley Edge is clearly visible to the south, as well as Manchester Airport, end and start point for the frequent trains that thunder underneath this temporary bridge.

The vantage point gives you an elevated view of south Manchester, but the location of some buildings seems surprising. The City of Manchester Stadium and Velodrome, which you'd expect to be in the east, seem more to the west. This is because the railway line, and Kingsway which runs parallel to it, are aligned roughly north east.

Seeing south Manchester from this vantage point this high places it context: city centre to the north, Pennines to the east, Salford to the west and Cheshire to the south. You get that sense of place as you look out of the train window on the way to and from the Airport, but the bridge is higher and you can pause to take photos.

It will be a shame when the Mauldeth Rd Station temporary footbridge is dismantled again, but at least south Manchester residents will have had the chance to gain a birds eye view over their home district, at least, those who care to stop and admire the view.

The station rebuilding work is being carried out by Network Rail and will provide new platforms and a new waiting room.

Read more about Mauldeth Rd Station on Wikipedia.


Just a quick note to say I appreciated your photographs of the temporary bridge and the descriptions of the views on your website.

As the bridge designer it was gratifying to think that someone had used it in such a way to capture images from.

I may be from the other side of the Pennines visible in the photographs but I was pleased that someone had paused on the bridge to take in the landscape.

And it wasn't even raining, in fact it looked to be a beautiful day.

I understand the bridge has now been removed.


Dan Artis BEng CEng MICE
Great to hear from you. Itís a shame the bridge was only temporary, the views were great. Iím very interested in bridges and have many different bridge photos on my site. This one was unique due to its short life span! I was notified about the bridge by the railway historian Eddie Johnson, who lives nearby.

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