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Tom Ronson
United Kingdom
posted: 22.05.2004 23:07

Hi Aidan,
Woody (Dave Wood) of Liverpool Pictorial fame recommended your website in a recent radio interview. He's a big fan of yours. Thank you for your amazing photographs. Any plans for another trip to the Philippines?

Aidan's reply: Well I had no idea that I was being recommended in radio interviews! Thanks very much for your comments and for letting me know! Liverpool Pictorial is a great source of pictures - factual, documentary, very comprehensive - I'll do a review and weblink soon.

posted: 04.05.2004 22:55

Hey Aidan!

I accidentally bumped into this webpage and the photos are really cool plus your comments are interesting, it made me smile knowing that tourists appreciate my country, thanks a lot! And sorry to hear about the food poisoning experience you had...I hope you had more fond memories of my country than otherwise...=)
Best regards,Rosalina

Aidan's reply: Thanks very much for your comments. I usually get foodpoisoning when I go anywhere in Asia, so I was expecting it! The Philippines is a fantastic place, that more people should visit.

Andrew Taylor
Location: United Kingdom
posted: 27.04.2004 11:12

Hi again Aidan. Enjoyed having a good sniff round your site again! Love the old NYC images, from 1981. Noticed a typo, on the Liverpool Chinese Arch you say it is bigger than the ones in Liverpool and London! I'm sure you mean Manchester. Regards


Aidan's reply: I could fill a whole book with my typos. This one is now corrected. That's the problem when you're writer, proofreader and editor all in one. Thanks for your comments! Talking of sniffs, hope some time to include smells on the website, like the wafting aroma of oriental food around Greenwich Village New York, or the smell of popcorn near the entrance to the Al Akariya Shopping Centre in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia! Thanks for your comments!

Bobby Singh
Location: United States
posted: 01.04.2004 21:30
Hello again, We have been out of touch, but I was going through my old book marks and kept going back to your old webpage for Dubai (which is not up anymore) so did a search on your name in Google and voila!
Anyways, as always simply superb and great job on Dubai pics, my most favourite place in the world and your pics never let me feel that I am away though I miss it a lot.
Good Luck and carry on the good work. Hope to see more Dubai pics (especially with all the changes happening there now)

Aidan's reply: Nice to hear from you again - Hope to make it back to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates preferably on a commercial-related assignment in the near future. I appreciate your comments very much and please keep visiting this website

Patricia Love
United Kingdom
posted: 22.03.2004 14:02

Just wanted to say thanks a million for all your efforts on Saturday! The three of us really enjoyed the morning and we have some great photos. Thanks for being so patient with us!!
Patricia, Nuala and Resha

Aidan's reply: That's OK, it was fun and I was very pleased with the photos, especially this one

Adrian Waterhouse
United Kingdom
posted: 03.03.2004 23:38

On behalf of the Rochdale Photographic Society I'd like to thank you Aidan for a very informative and enlightening evening in to your world as a Digital Photographer Writer. The members certainly enjoyed it and it was discussed at length down the pub afterwards. Hope to meet you again.

Aidan's reply: That's great, I'm very glad they enjoyed it - I enjoyed meeting them and doing the presentation.

Andrew Taylor
United Kingdom
posted:25.02.2004 12:29

Great Liverpool photos Aidan. I'd just like to point out that the yellow sculpture you have photographed is called superlambanana.
best wishes

Aidan's reply: Thanks very much for pointing this out. I've now updated the information with that image. I'm very interested in Liverpool, and think it's a great city, but I don't know it as well as Manchester, which is nice in many ways. I try to visit as often as possible, but I don't get there often enough. Your comments are much appreciated!

John Leslie
New Zealand
posted: 22.02.2004 23:08

Hi Aidan, Just love your story of the Vdub, we ahd one for a while in New Zealand and also had the engine reoed, found it very reliable but very underpowered especially in the South Is where we live as it is very hilly. had to keep the old girl blindfolded when approaching hills. We haad no trouble with the starter but the brakes were a liability in traffic. The heater was fantastic. We sold her because the beds were so uncomfortable. We are presently looking for info on the Ford Transit Roadranger made in the UK in the 70s but cant find anything so far.
Happy motoring and thanks for the article.
Cheers, John Leslie
Dunedin. NZ

Aidan's reply: Thanks - I regularly receive favourable comments on the VW pages, which I published in Feb 97 shortly after we sold the van. I'd just got back from Berlin when I received your message, so I put a composite image of the van in Berlin and the UK as the Latest Photo.

Thanks very much for your comments!

Ian Gregory
United Kingdom
posted: 13.02.2004 11:18
Brilliant site Aidan, and with me being a true Northerner, I can appreciate your local shots immensely. There's a stunning array of images not just from Manchester but from all over the world.
Green with envy!
Best regards, Ian

Aidan's reply: Thanks for your comments. Actually Ian Gregory is an accomplished photographer who has done something I've never done: win competitions: Go to www.igimages.co.uk

Eileen c. Anthony

United States
posted: 09.02.2004 00:22

Hello Aidan, Just wanted to let you know the pleasure you have given me with the picture you took of the street where I lived throughout my early years in Longsight, Manchester. I have it as wallpaper on my computer, so each time I turn it on I am transported back happily to those days of yesteryears. I greatly enjoy your web site and the wonderful pictures you take of the all the various sights around Manchester, the city I have such a warm spot in my heart for....and which will always be "home" to me.

Thank you for bringing so many places to life through your expertise with the camera. Your website is indeed very special. Blessings and best wishes from South Carolina.USA.

Aidan's reply: Thanks very much. You are of course referring to my other website Eyewitness in Manchester (part of Manchester Online), which focuses on the development, identity, character and history of Manchester. It's remarkable how people living away from Manchester react so strongly to the scenes I photograph today, linking them to their own memories of growing up or living there many years ago. Manchester it seems is a place many people have fond memories of, which can't be said of some of the other places I photograph in other parts of the UK and the world.
Thanks for your comments - I'll also add them to the Eyewitness in Manchester Reader Messages pages.

Chris Welch
Location: United Kingdom
posted: 04.02.2004 13:08
Hya, extremely impressed with your site. I'm just an amateur photographer at the moment but looking to get into something like you're doing here. Any advice keenly noted.

Aidan's reply: Here are some tips: Develop a specialism, aim for a high technical and creative standard, keep a full or part time 'day job' while you're getting established, keep at it, and don't be discouraged. This website model can be adapted and customised for other photographers and artists. Please contact me for more info. Thanks very much for your message

John Fox
Location: United Kingdom
posted: 21.01.2004 20:34

This is a very good web site ... easy to navigate and with information not only well presented but also very easy to read and digest. The integrity and quality of the web site speaks volumes about the owner/creator and his business. Well done.

Aidan's reply: Phew! Thank you very much indeed. I have had a few off-beat and abusive contributors to the guestbook recently whose messages I've had to delete. It's very nice to receive some positive feedback, thank you very much indeed! I may eventually remove the guestbook and just publish the messages on an article page.

Location:United Kingdom
posted: 08.01.2004 16:08

Hi, great site. I wondered if you know of a train line that used to run near Nell Lane in Chorlton. A friend mentioned playing there as a child but I've never heard of a disused line in that area and wondered if you might know where it was?

Aidan's reply: The disused train lines near Nell Lane Chorlton are the South Manchester Loop Line, recently converted for use as a footpath, and the old LMS line via Cheadle Heath and Derby to London. Part of it will soon be used by Metrolink trams. Those lines should never have been closed, part of the UK's lost railway network - One third of the UK's entire rail network in the UK was closed from the 50's to the 80's.

Ray Banks
Location:United Kingdom
posted: 03.01.2004 00:47

Aidan, Congratulations on a thoroughly impressive website. You've really got a handle on the ever-changing face of Manchester, and some of the darker shots are perfect inspiration for the private eye I write about. Great stuff - keep up the good work!

Aidan's reply: Thanks very much. Check out crime fiction writer Ray Banks' noiresque website . He's used some of my Manchester photos, with a link to this website. I'm always very happy for people to use my photos on nonprofit and personal sites, as long as there's a credit and link.

William (Bill) Jones
Location:United Kingdom
posted: 02.01.2004 18:05

Aidan, I feel impelled to make the following comment - in "public": I believe the essence of a good website is that it always appears "new" on each visit.
Also, it must be one with so many "avenues" of interest it compels exploration and a long "stroll" through its pages. This is not easy to achieve, but you have done it! A Happy and a Prosperous New Year and many regards to you and yours, Bill

Aidan's reply: Thank you very much for your comments! Thanks to the content management system developed in collaboration with Exclaim IT , I can concentrate on the photography and the writing rather than worrying about coding, links and directory structures. So although the message is important, the success of this website is also down the medium. Check out Bill Jones' absorbing book ' On Looking Back ' and his excellent Manchester Stories website www.manchester-stories.co.uk which was offline the last time I checked.

Kieran Sheridan
Location: United States
posted: 01.01.2004 06 :28

Aidan - as we ring in 2004 I wish you, Ann and Adele peace and happiness in the coming year. This will be a time full of opportunity for you and your family and as you develop your ideas I hope that others will avail of your creative ability and help you make your dreams come true.As ever, Kieran

Aidan's reply: Thanks very much to Kieran fellow TCD student of German & French, originally from Belfast now in San Francisco. I'm confident I'll make good progress in 2004 but we'll have to wait and see how things pan out exactly! Best wishes to San Francisco.

Karen McBride
Location: United Kingdom
posted: 31.12.2003 15:17

Happy New Year Aidan - we must catch up sometime... Take Care... Karen

Aidan's reply: Thanks to Manchester's most innovative rock photographer who has recently been photographing The Darkness and other top bands. See my article on Karen McBride.

Location: China
posted: 21.12.2003 14:15

Found the site via manchesteronline. Been in China for a few months now and am very homesick, your Manchester photos are the perfect rememdy. Beautiful. Thanks.

Aidan's reply: Thank you very much. When I went to Hong Kong for the month of August 1987 (also 88 and 90) to teach on the British Council summer school, I took my own gloomy black and white photos of Stockport to remind me of home. They are presented on this page in Eyewitness in Manchester (part of Manchester Online). I am now publishing Manchester photos most days on this site, and also look out for my regular photo-features in Eyewitness in Manchester.

Susan R Wood
Location: United Kingdom
posted: 01.12.2003 04:58

Hi Aidan. Strange that I've known about your website for 3-4 years, and know what a good photographer you are, I never really had a chance to sit and visit it until the early hours of today. It's after 4am and I've just finished browsing through your photographs. Well, what can I say, your website is great and the photographs fantastic!!! You do Manchester proud and all the other places and people in your portfolio. Information and descriptions are very interesting and informative, too. Must say though that, I hope to see some photos of your visit to the Philippines. Congratulations and more power to you!

Aidan's reply: Thanks very much for your comments. The new aidan.co.uk has only been online since 8 October. I'd been saving the Philippines material until I can launch it in a section of its own. Here's Makati taken on my April 2003 visit to the Philippines. A new section Manila Philippines SE Asia is now online following your request. Thanks very much for your comments.

Sam Dawson
Location: United Kingdom
posted: 28.11.2003 20:26

Regarding the Protestant Martyrs church I was recalling its association in the 1920/1930 with the Rev/Alderman Longbottom who was the Rev Paisley of today. His other church was in Netherfield Rd and as head of the Orange Lodge his objective was intimidation of the minority Catholics. Let the church continue to decay and so obliterate a sad period in the history of Liverpool. Great Site. Thank you. Sam Dawson.

Aidan's reply: Thanks for that piece of information about Protestant Martyrs Church Liverpool. You make an valid point, however if, the church wasn't there, that chapter of Liverpool life would be forgotten. What’s interesting in all this is how a photo I took of a half-derelict church can uncover hidden aspects of the history of a city and stimulate a discussion.

Location: United Kingdom
posted: 24.11.2003 00:40

Your photos are fantastic. Check out Bristol sometime im sure you will love it.

Aidan's reply: Well I do have a small amount of Bristol material but I'll have to go back and get some more! Thanks for contacting. Sometimes I think nobody out there is looking, until I look at my visitor stats and the occasional additions to this page!

Nick Tonge
Location: United Kingdom
posted: 18.11.2003 14:48

I love looking at your Manchester photographs and have been here a few times. Am so glad it has been updated. looks far better! Easier on the eye compared to the last version.

Aidan's reply: If you like the design and colour scheme, then please direct your apprecation to Peter Kelly of Exclaim IT! I originally wanted a black background, but he told me in very plain English I should have a white background, as nearly all the top 10 sites in the world have one. Glad you like it, and please visit every day. See also Eyewitness in Manchester part of Manchester Online.

Simon Joinson
Location:United Kingdom
posted: 04.11.2003 23:19

Nice site, well designed and some lovely photos. Keep up the good work.

Aidan's reply: Thank you very much! Your comments are much appreciated!

Ian Yates
Location: United States
posted: 04.11.2003 00 :32

A great improvement where one would have thought no improvement could be made. Easy to follow links and information nicely arranged. Overall, pleasing to the eye with a relaxing colour scheme. Show a graphics training background which many sites we come upon nowadays sadly are wanting.

Ian Yates

Aidan's reply: The general layout is to my specifications, but the detailed layout and colour scheme of the pages, as well as the database system that generates it, is by Peter Kelly of Exclaim IT , so please direct your words of praise to him, and if you know anyone who would like to have a picture portfolio website similar to this one, please ask them to contact .

Eddy O'Keeffe
Location:United Kingdom
posted: 01.11.2003 22:33

Hi Aidan, I emailed you, but I thought I would contact you here as well, sorry! Anyway, what an amazing website you have, I had no idea you had so many photos, and I havent seen a bad one yet!!! Please check out www.eddx.com. I would love to have your professional opinion on my website, only be online a couple of weeks, but i aspire to have a site as good as yours.....one day. Thanks once again. Eddy

Aidan's reply: eddx.com looks very promising indeed and is a very good showcase for your abilities. You’ve definitely ‘hit the ground running’. At the moment you still need to decide what the main focus of the website is going to be but I’m sure you’ll work that out in time. Thanks very much for your comments

Simon Gregg
Location: United Kingdom
posted: 01.11.2003 18:17

Found this site from the link from www.bernardmanning.homestead.com . Some great photo's, well done.

Aidan's reply: Thanks very much. The author of the Bermard Manning site used my photo of the Embassy Club with a credit and link. Just goes to show that every link counts! If you like the photos on this site make sure to visit my *other* site Eyewitness in Manchester , part of Manchester Online.

Sarah Helsby Hughes
Location: United Kingdom
posted: 29.10.2003 13:12

Hi Aidan, the site looks great. I am having lots of successes with my new publicity shots, everyone thinks I look very glamourous, which just goes to show what a fine and clever photographer you are!!! Am about to appear with Dexy's Midnight Runners in Liverpool and London. It's not exactly La Scala, but it's cool none the same. Lots of interest over the photos, I think that the student singers at the RNCM would be interested in your work, they all need shots for publicity. Perhaps you would consider contacting the opera department? Cheers, Sarah

Aidan's reply: Glad to hear your publicity shots are getting a positive reaction. Yes, I'd very much like to do more publicity photographs for performers and musicians so I'll follow up your suggestion.

Nadia Howarth
Location: Australia
posted: 28.10.2003 11:32

Hello again Aidan .... you continue to amaze and please me with yet ANOTHER new link...! I'm very proud to call you a friend of mine and spread the word about you and your many talents to everyone I know. I often roam all over your various web pages and always seem to find something new and interesting...! You keep me "connected" to my birthplace and bring back memories of my early life in Manchester. Good on ya...!


Aidan's reply: Well, I have to say it's fun! I've been taking photos for well over 20 years but it's only now that I have a mechanism to present and archive the material. If you and anyone else reading this could contact your friends and tell them about the new aidan.co.uk it would help enormously. The site has a long way to go before it achieves the size and stature I am aiming for! I hope to present old photos of Manchester and NW England soon. Greetings to Nadia in Perth Western Australia!

Sam Dawson
Location: United Kingdom
posted: 22.10.2003 12:24

Thanks for wonderful pictures of Liverpool and the very thoughtful comments on each. Thanks also for not providing any pictures of Norris Green - it would have tarnished the image. (It went down after I left) !

Aidan's reply: Now you've made me very curious about Norris Green - I'll have to get along there and capture it for a world audience! Thanks for your comments, glad to get feedback on Liverpool, a new coverage area for me.

Jon Reid
Location:United Kingdom
posted: 20.10.2003 12:40

Hi Aidan, Brilliant website, very full and attractive. Often do I love to show off the City of Manchester to my friends around the world, and whenever I want to do so, I direct them to your site, as well as what you have done for EWM.

All I ever hear from them is positive feedback, you really know how to do your subjects justice. Had a good look around your site myself and today, again, fantastic shots, I especially like the images you have captured of Dubai

Keep up the good work and good luck with the future. Thanks for sharing your pictures.


Aidan's reply: Thank you very much indeed for the positive feedback. The 'baby' website - actually bigger than many 'complete' websites - is only a week and a half old since it was born, though its gestation period goes back many months! I'm glad you find the non-Manchester images of interest, as I want to compare, contrast and showcase Manchester as a world-class city. I'm always happy to present my pictures, as long as people enjoy looking at them.

Location: Canada
posted: 19.10.2003 14:56

Love the new look website. What is the new language I have to learn to read about the Macclesfield Hovis Warehouse and the Manchester Ship Canal?

Aidan's reply: It's Latin! Used as a placeholder for text still to be written! I'll get around to writing the English... soon! Thanks for your comments, most appreciated!

Location: United States
posted: 17.10.2003 19:12

Great website - very interesting and informative

Aidan's reply: Wow, thank you very much - You've made my day!

Location: United States
posted: 15.10.2003 21:49

Hi Aidan - site is easy to use and the reference system is a great base on which to build. Any thoughts of having a primary "Transportation" category - near to your heart I know and I think one which might drive demand. To respond to your question posed on the photo at Gare De Lyon...or was it Gare du Nord?...the French trains are not only superior to UK rolling stock, but are in fact the best du monde entier because the French invested huge amounts into this part of the infrastructure and it is reaping huge dividends. Amtrak commissioned the new "Acela" high speed trains which after several weeks in service had to be pulled off because they were developing cracks. Can you imagine a Boeing or Airbus with that type of quality control? Anyway, you are off to a great new beginnig with the site and as I've said many times, the best of British luck!

Aidan's reply: Thank you very much for your comments! The French national railway service is something people in France can be proud of. Once the land of the train, the US is now the land of the plane. Trains are just not a priority there. London has the world's biggest and oldest underground railway but it's creaking through lack of investment. Berlin's railways are second to none. In Dublin/Ireland they're modernising their railways and in Dubai they are building a new one! Here in Manchester we're building several new Metrolink tram lines, and Piccadilly Station is now the most impressive modern rail terminus in the UK, but there's still room for improvement in local train services. Take a look at the latest transportation images from all locations.

Andrew Shanahan
Location: United Kingdom
posted: 13.10.2003 11:49

Aidan, the new site is looking rather nice, I've been passing your details on to anyone who's asked me for freelance photographers/trainers. :
Best wishes,

Aidan's reply: Thanks very much! The site is now it its early phase and I'd appreciate all comments and feedback.

Gordon Simpson
Location: United Kingdom
posted: 10.10.2003 01 :40

Love the new site happy birthday to Adele

Aidan's reply: Thank you for your comment and good wishes. Please tell as many people as possible about the newly relaunched aidan.co.uk

Norah Bohan
Location:United Kingdom
posted: 09. 10.2003 12:56

Aidan - love the site - it's brilliant - good luck with it. best wishes NB

Aidan's reply: Much appreciated. Doing it is fun but there's no point unless others find it interesting and useful.

Melanie Phillips
Location: United Kingdom
posted: 09.10.2003 12:08

Hi Aidan! Congratulations on the new website! Its superb - best of luck with it all, you deserve every sucess. Hope to see you soon. Mel

Aidan's reply: Thanks I appreciate it!

Aidan O'Rourke
Location: Easy Internet Cafe Dublin Ireland
posted: 08.10.2003 21.00

Good luck with the website!

Aidan's reply: Thanks the site is now live!

If you've enjoyed reading these contributions, please send one of your own via the contact form. I look forward to hearing from you

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