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Review of IT3D program for making anaglyph stereo photos

For years I've been interested in stereoscopic photography, but a major problem has been overcoming the technical problems of viewing it. That's what has kept stereo photography from becoming the major photo format it ought to be.

Bringing stereoscopic photography to as wide an audience as possible the goal of Ron Cooper of IT3D Ltd, creator of the Stereo-Photo program. It converts any pair of photos taken side by side into a stereoscopic anaglyph image for viewing with red/green glasses.

Like all stereoscopic photos, a 3D anaglyph photo is made from a pair of images taken at eye distance apart. The two photos are combined into one image, but with the red channel and green channel removed on the left and right image respectively, so that when you view them through the glasses, the you get that amazing 3D effect.

It's possible to make anaglyphs using a program like Photoshop, but it takes some time and effort. IT3D program creates the anaglyph literally in a split-second. it costs 12.80, and I'll be trying out a copy myself. Review to follow.

One of the exhibitors at Focus On Imaging 2007, Ron had a wide range of photos on display by various photographers and many of them were excellent. Some were taken with stereo cameras, some using the 'shift' method with a conventional camera or even a phone camera.

The red/green viewing format is a technically simple way of viewing stereo images. The only problem is that you don't get a true rendering of colour, but it's highly accessible and works very well in an educational context. Ron is a highly experienced teacher, now semi-retired and has made stereoscopic photography into a valuable educational tool. There are schools packages available. All the Key Stage curriculum targets are covered.

What grabbed me most was the quality of the stereoscopic photos he had on display. I was especially impressed with photos placed flat and designed for 45 degree viewing - the subject looks like it is sitting there on the table in 3D. It has to be seen to be believed.

For more info about IT3D's products, go to www.it3d.co.uk

Written by Aidan O'Rourke
Posted/Updated 2007-02-27

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