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The Great Orme North Wales coast with yellow sky
Posted at 1:55 on Sunday 25th January, 2015

The Great Orme extends northwards into the Irish sea from the North Wales coastline. Though a peninsula – almost an island – it has a similar outline to actual islands further along the coast, such as Puffin Island. The town of Llandudno is located on the Great Orme peninsula (Welsh: Pen y Gogarth) A fantastic […]

View from CIS Building of town hall and south Manchester
Posted at 14:09 on Saturday 24th January, 2015

View from the top of the CIS Building towards the town hall and south Manchester This photo was taken during the Civic Society discussion on tall buildings, held 6 April 2005. Many thanks to the CIS for their hospitality and access to the stunning views over the city. In 2011 I taught English at the […]

Manchester Beetham/Hilton tower between two railway viaducts
Posted at 13:46 on Saturday 24th January, 2015

The Beetham Tower is seen here between two railway viaducts. The one on the left carries trains from Oxford Rd towards Salford Crescent and Bolton. Of the three viaducts on the right, the closest is disused, the middle one carries Metrolink trams, and the one on the other side carries trains from Oxford Rd towards […]

Renovated Halle St Peters Ancoats 2010
Posted at 13:28 on Saturday 24th January, 2015

St Peter’s Church Ancoats is seen here from the south east side. Capture date is 26 June 2010. The viewpoint is from the corner of Hood St and Murray St. Since I took this photograph, the building became the rehearsal studios for the Halle Orchestra and was renamed Halle St Peters. It has many connections […]

Manchester skyline from Heaton Park – Cityscape image
Posted at 22:40 on Monday 19th January, 2015

This is the view of the skyline of Manchester city centre seen from Heaton Park. I took the photo from the Temple, the hilltop gazebo that stands on the highest spot in the City of Manchester. I took the photo on a visit to Heaton Park for my Manchester Evening News feature. Capture date Monday […]

Salford Lads Club – A Very Special Place for Smiths fans
Posted at 14:42 on Thursday 15th January, 2015

The red brick arched doorway and facade of Salford Lads Club has been seen countless times in a set of black and white photographs of the Smiths taken by Stephen Wright in the mid-80s. Since then thousands of fans have flocked to the location to have their photo taken at the same spot. But what […]

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