Yvette Livesey
Excerpts from the Interview with Eyewitness in Manchester 30 April 1998

"In the City is Britain's international pop music convention. During the day it's for the international business who run the music industry and then at night it's like the urban Glastonbury. It takes place in September every year..."

"I hate London with a passion, it's cold, it's disparate, it's full of people who aren't from London..."

"Up here, there's a better standard of life, it's more relaxed, it's, 10 minutes from the country, you can get things done, you're not running around in your car all day, you're not running from meeting to meeting, it's just an easier and more natural way of life. I think people who live in London are nuts..."

"Americans love Manchester - they love it because of the music culture - New Order, Happy Mondays, Oasis, Stone Roses..."

"Music and Football are the two things that sell the city"

"The city is not green enough and I keep going on to the City Council saying, 'you should be planting trees, the way they do in LA... we should have more and better gardens..."

"The one thing that we miss is the *CMDC when they were here. There's the City Council, there's the business people and then there's us, the "arty" community. We feel we're not being utilised properly by the City Council. We feel very international but the city, although they're trying very hard to improve things, still feels a bit parochial. The CMDC could have provided that link between us all. I think with Liz Fielding at Marketing Manchester now, that should make a difference. Liaison is the important thing."

(*The Central Manchester Development Corporation was set up to promote the regeneration of the central part of Manchester. It was planned to have only a limited life-span and was finally dissolved in the mid-nineties: EWM")

"I hate what's going on with the gangs and I don't feel safe. It's like Chicago in the 1930's - it feels like it's just about to go off. The gangs are going into the shops and taxing them. No way I'm going to set up shop in Manchester at the moment."

( Since the interview, Greater Manchester Police have introduced new policing measures to get tough with trouble-makers and "undesirables" in the city centre.EWM")

"I think there should be one, amazing outrageous building in the city centre. Barcelona used the wackiest, craziest designer to design a building there. I'd like to see a new Computer Museum, with an amazing design - this should be the next major building in Manchester - it could be the one reason for lots of people to come to Manchester."