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EWM Chorlton May 2004 Page 10

BRANTINGHAM RD runs by this triangle of grass and trees, an echo of the much older Chorlton Green to the south west. This area of semi-detached houses dates like Chorltonville from the 1930's.

Green spaces like this make a small but significant contribution to the overall leafy character of Chorlton. A musician friend of mine, now an expat Mancunian living in Vienna, once lived in a flat further up Brantingham Rd. I used to drive there in my VW Beetle.

WE ARE WAITING at the bus stop on Wilbraham Rd one stop away from Barlow Moor Road. A number 23 operated by Stagecoach passes by on its way through Chorlton to Stockport.

Another early memory of Chorlton was the exotic oval-shaped bus stop signs, which I don't remember seeing in any other part of Manchester.

SHOPS and cafes line Wilbraham Road close to the centre of Chorlton. The canvas shades extend out over the pavement as in old photos.

With such a good selection of shops, supermarkets, pubs cafes and other amenities, you could probably get by without ever having to leave Chorlton.

VICTORIAN shop facades on the corner of Oswald Road and Wilbraham Rd are compared to buildings from the 1960's further up the street.

Chorlton's Victorian style architecture is a key to its popularity as a place to live. Additions from the 1960's are not as attractive or successful.

THE SUN SETS over Chorlton Park at the end of another sunny day in Manchester's loveliest suburb - at least that's what many Chorltonites will tell you.

And who am I to disagree? With so many things going for it, who would ever want to live anywhere else but Chorlton?

As ever I have only scratched the surface of this fascinating piece of Manchester - I could take another 500 photos if only I had the time. - Please send comments, picture requests and personal reminiscences which I hope to use for an updated version of this feature to appear in due course.

All photos and articles © Aidan O'Rourke

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