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EWM Chorlton May 2004 Page 2

BEECH ROAD is at the heart of the old village of Chorlton. On sunny days people sit outside the Beech and other local pubs and cafes.

Find out more about pubs in Chorlton on the pub walking tour by tour guide extraordinaire Jonathan Schofield. See the Chorlton Arts Festival website

BEECH ROAD meets Wilton Rd at this corne. We are standing at the entrance to Beech park, looking towards Chorlton Green.

Chorlton's large amounts of trees make it one of Manchester's leafiest suburbs.

BROOKBURN RD is at the southern edge of Chorlton, close to the wooded area along by the River Mersey. The sign indicates pedestrian, horse and cycle routes to the Mersey, Chorlton Green and the city centre.

What a great place to live - in the city and yet just a few steps away from so much greenery.

CHORLTON has a reputation as a place where you'll encounter people with a strong awareness of ecological issues. It's not just a cliche, as indicated by this statement, written in felt tip marker by the owner directly onto the rear of this Nissan Micra.

"I choose to drive this car. It takes very little fuel. It's better for the environment and our future. Do you care enough to get rid of your big one?"

BRUNDRETTS RD and KEPPEL RD have passageways leading to back alleys behind the houses.

As a child I loved to explore passageways between the houses, looking up at the windowless brick walls towards the narrow strip of sky at the top.

All photos and articles © Aidan O'Rourke

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