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EWM Chorlton May 2004

BRUNDRETTS RD is lined with spacious late Victorian homes, many with colourful blossoms in the front gardens.

One of the major changes to the streetscape in the last 50 years is the arrival of large numbers of parked cars. When these houses were built, motor cars didn't exist.

CHANDOS RD looking from the Wilbraham Rd corner - Pink petals cover the ground like confetti. Further along the road are large Victorian homes many of which have been split up into flats.

This photo was captured on 25th of April 2003 during not-so-sunny weather.

EDGE LANE is covered by a canopy of trees. The sun shines through the branches onto the road. This is a busy road, but at the moment only a cyclist and two pedestrians are in view. This could be a scene from 20 or 50 years ago.

One of my earliest memories of Chorlton is a place where trees cover the roads - I must have been thinking of Edge Lane.

CHORLTON is a mixture of old world charm and contemporary style. Here an Audi TT is about to turn right into St Clement's Road.

You'll see every type of car from Morris Minors to expensive new sports cars in Chorlton.

ST CLEMENT'S ROAD is named after the church on the corner of Edge Lane. We are looking along the road towards Chorlton Green.

Looks like those people are on their way to the pub - Shall we join them?

All photos and articles © Aidan O'Rourke

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