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EWM Chorlton May 2004 Page 5

KEPPEL ROAD is famous as the home of the Bee Gees. This street sign on the Wilbraham Rd corner, is enhanced by whitwashed brickwork, weeds and a festive green light bulb.

Somone has thoughtfully placed the light bulb between the words Keppel and Rd. Unlike the Penny Lane signs in Liverpool - now painted onto the bricks- this one hasn't been stolen - yet.

KEPPEL ROAD ls lined with terraced Victorian houses. This is the corner of Selborne Rd. The Gibb brothers, lived just up the street from here until they moved to Australia in 1958.

While houses remain mostly unchanged, cars indicate the time photos were taken. Here we see a 1978 Morris Minor Traveller and a 2004 VW Beetle.

THIS PASSAGEWAY behind Keppel Road is virtually unchanged by time. The brick walls, flagstones and fences are familiar and unchanging elements.

I wonder if the Gibb brothers walked or cycled along this alleyway in their childhood? If expat Mancunians Robin Gibb or Barry Gibb are reading this, please feel free to contact.

DUSTBINS are a key indicator of time and location. This grey plastic wheelie bin is of contemporary design and carries the words Manchester City Council, with the municipal coat of arms.

Other contemporary features include the No Left Turn sign, the graffiti on the lamp ost and the less than attractive top floor alterations to the houses on the right.

WARWICK ROAD intersects Keppel Road about half way along. We are looking from the Keppel Rd corner towards Barlow Moor Rd.

Many of the houses in Chorlton have been extensively renovated, like the ones on the right.

All photos and articles © Aidan O'Rourke

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