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EWM Chorlton May 2004 Page 6

OSWALD RD is another of Chorlton's long straight roads. The gables of the late 19th century houses form a long and uneven row.

The upper left of the scene is mainly late Victorian brickwork and slate while the lower right is mainly contemporary automotive metal and tarmac.

LONGFORD ROAD intersects Oswald Rd and has both larger houses with bay windows and smaller terraced homes further on.

The changing designs of the houses reflects the styles and economic conditions of the times in which they were built.

BRANTINGHAM RD (right) meets Manchester Road (left and ahead) at this corner. Posters for the 16 June 2004 Sean Paul concert, the Esso garage with unleaded at 80.9 pence, and the interesting car are noticeable contemporary elements.

This photo was captured at 10.36.02 am on Sunday 16th of May 2004. What will this scene look like in 100 years time?

KAYS NEWS on Manchester Road stands at a prominent location in Chorlton. Here at the junction with Longford Rd (left), Barlow Moor Road becomes Manchester Road.

Interesting how signs cover the pavement and the facades, transforming and updating the 100+ year old buildings.

CHORLTON LIBRARY is on the corner of Barlow Moor Rd and Longford Road.

This temple to reading with its no-classical architecture is one of the gems of Chorlton, but like other libraries in Manchester people are using it less and less.

All photos and articles © Aidan O'Rourke

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