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EWM Chorlton May 2004 Page 7

OSWALD ROAD like Egerton Road extends in a straight line running north to south. Parked cars, speed bumps and overhanging trees are dominating elements of the scene.

This road has Bee Gees connections - They went to the Oswald Rd primary school. Other musical personalities with Chorlton connections include Mike Pickering and Badly Drawn Boy.

CHORLTON PARK is overlooked in its north eastern corner by office buildings constructed next to Hough End Hall in the 1960's. Daffodils add a splash of colour in this view captured 7 April 2003.

I have never understood why these two buildings were built so close to the ancient Hough End hall, built by Nicholas Mosley in 1596.

OVERHANGING TREES give the effect of a tunnel along this path through Chorlton Park.

The beautiful parks and green spaces in and around Chorlton are one of many factors which make it a great place to live.

WILTON RD off Beech Road is dominated on the right by large overhanging trees. The 'Respect' political poster on the left is evidence of radical political leanings among some of Chorlton's residents.

People often describe Chorlton as 'trendy' but this is a word that can have negative connotation. Trendy can mean 'politically left of centre' but also 'prohibitively expensive'.

REYNARD ROAD is a side road of Beech Rd and leads to Chorltonville, as the sign indicates. The solid 19th century houses with bay windows are now sought-after residential properties.

Reynard Rd was used as a location for the BBC drama 'Clocking Off'.

All photos and articles © Aidan O'Rourke

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