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EWM Chorlton May 2004 Page 9

UPPER CHORLTON ROAD runs along the northern boundary of Chorlton where it meets Stretford in the Borough of Trafford. These shops overlook the south west end of the road near the junction with Manchester Road. Shops include Pot of Gold and Simpsons with the Jamia Rasoolia Islamic Centre on the corner.

It's nice to see the old-fashioned canvas blinds above the shop fronts.

AN 86 BUS operated by Stagecoach Manchester turns the bend at the end of Upper Chorlton Rd on its way into Chorlton.

Bus services between Chorlton and the city centre are regular during the day and evening, but after pub closing time you'll have to take a taxi as there are no all night buses.

CHORLTONVILLE is a privately maintained garden suburb which was completed in 1911. It is full of leafy lanes and grassy areas, and each house is unique. The streets have been given traditional-sounding English names, like this one, Meadow Bank.

Chorltonville has a more sedate and middle class character than the rest of Chorlton.

THE MEADE is a circle of grass in the middle of Chorltonville. A large tree grows in the centre of the circle.

For me, the typically British-style postbox reinforces a strong character of 1930's England, though Chorltonville actually dates from before the First World War.

IVYGREEN ROAD is in the south west of Chorlton, running along the area of greenery next to the River Mersey.

I once owned a white VW Beetle similar to the one in the picture, and often used to drive to Chorlton to visit friends there. My present vehicle appears somewhere in this feature - can you guess which one? (Clue it's not the Audi TT or the 86 bus!)

All photos and articles © Aidan O'Rourke

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