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9) THIS MONUMENT is named 'The Beacon of Hope' and is located in Manchester's Gay Village. It is dedicated to those who have lost their lives through HIV/Aids.

Where is it situated?

A) Sackville Park
B) Parsonage Gardens
C) On the UMIST campus.

10) WE ARE LOOKING ALONG the Canal in Manchester's Gay Village

What is the name of the street which runs through the village along the canal?

A) Sackville Street
B) Bloom Street
C) Canal Street

11) HERE WE SEE TWO VIEWS of Sackville Park from either end. In the left hand picture we see Shena Simon College to the left and UMIST main building to the right.

A monument to which celebrated Manchester-based researcher and thinker is to be put up in this location, subject to funding?

A) Alan Turing
B) James Watt
C) John Dalton


In which year was it opened?

A) 1884
B) 1934
C) 1954

13) WE ARE IN BUILE HILL PARK and looking towards the resonantly-named suburbs of Seedley and Weaste, with the spire of St Luke with All Saintes parish church visible centre left. The former Manchester Docks are visible in the distance.

In which Greater Manchester local authority district are we located?

A) City of Manchester
B) Borough of Trafford
C) City of Salford

14) A WINTRY DUSK SKY is seen against the silhouette of the trees in Buile Hill Park.

Buile Hill Park was home to a museum which sadly closed due to local authority cuts. What was the name of the museum?

A) The Museum of Transport
B) The Lancashire Mining Museum
C) Salford Museum

15) HERE WE SEE Buile Hill Park at dusk. The park is situated close the the district of Pendleton, which has a similar name to Pendle Hill in Lancashire. According to place name researchers, what does the 'pen' in Pendle mean?

A) River
B) Hill
C) Field


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