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16) THIS WAS A TYPICAL STREET SCENE during the spell of snowy weather which Manchester and the rest of the UK enjoyed between Boxing Day and New Year's Eve.

Which of these three Manchester suburbs is Linden Road situated in?

A) Didsbury
B) Wythenshawe
C) Moss Side

17) THIS GATEWAY used to be part of the Spread Eagle Hotel, Cross Street until it was demolished and the gateway re-erected here in Didsbury.



18) THIS IS DIDSBURY PARISH CHURCH, looking along Stenner Lane. After which saint is the church named?

A) St Mark
B) St Luke
C) St James


19) VALE CLOSE looks even more attractive than usual in the snow. We can see that this is a very desirable place to live, but in which area of Stockport is Vale Close situated?

A) Reddish Vale
B) Heaton Mersey
C) Romiley

20) THIS IS EDGELEY ROAD Stockport - significant to Eyewitness in Manchester as he grew up in the sixth house along from the left, number 140.

In approximately which decade do you think these houses were built?

A) The 1830's
B) The 1890's
C) The 1930's

21) EDGELEY ROAD, childhood home of Eyewitness in Manchester, has changed in many ways over forty years - I notice many of the trees I remember as a child have had to come down. House prices by contast have gone up.

In January 2001, a three bedroomed traditional style semi-detached house on Edgeley Road similar to these ones was offered for a base price of...

A) £40,000
B) £70,000
C) £100,000

22) THE STREETS around Alexandra park Stockport were named at a time when the British Empire was at its peak, and India was the jewel in the crown.

Alexandra was a popular name for parks. There is an another Alexanda Park in Moss Side. In which Greater Manchester town will you find yet another Alexandra Park - Clue: It has a lake and a Chinese summer house?

A) Altrincham
B) Bolton
C) Oldham


23) THIS CHURCH STEEPLE dominates Wellington Road South and Buxton Road one mile to the south of Stockport.

What is the name of the church?

A) St Georges
B) St Oswalds
C) St Andrews

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