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24) THIS HALF TIMBERED HALL dates from the 15th century and is said to be haunted. What is the name of the hall?

A) Bramall Hall
B) Little Moreton Hall
C) Gawsworth Hall

25) WORSLEY looked like a picture post card during the snowy weather of late December 2000. This former industrial area is now a highly desirable residential area, and an important tourist destination.

In which Greater Manchester district is it situated?

A) City of Manchester
B) Borough of Wigan
C) City of Salford

26) IN THESE TWO VIEWS of the canalside in Worsley we notice the water has a distinctive yellowy brown colour. Why is the water coloured in this way?

A) Pollution caused by factory discharges
B) Mineral content of rocks from where the water comes from
C) Rusting machines left in the water

27) THE BRIDGEWATER CANAL was built by the Duke of Bridgewater to bring coal from the mines of Worsley into Manchester.

In which recently regenerated district of Manchester was the coal unloaded?

A) Ancoats
B) Hulme
C) Castlefield

28) THE FOUNTAIN on Worsley Green is a monument to the achievements of the Duke of Bridgewater. What was the original function of this structure?

A) A chimney
B) A water tower
C) A wheel house

29) PICTURESQUE WORSLEY GREEN was from the mid 18th century to the end of the 19th century a bustling place of industry.

What stood in this site during this time?

A) A cotton mill
B) A works yard
C) A coal mine

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