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30) THE PARISH CHURCH of St Philip with St Stephen has been a landmark of Salford for over two centuries, and was drawn by artist L. S. Lowry.

Which important place of worship - of a different Christian denomination - stands just a short distance away from here. See colour picture left, upper.

A) Manchester Cathedral
B) Salford Cathedral
C) The Holy Name Church

31) THIS PARK is almost deserted, apart from a lone pedestrian walking up the hill. It was the first municipal park in Manchester. What is the name of the park?

A) Heaton Park
B) Queen's Park
C) Boggart Hole Clough

32) THESE BEAUTIFUL SCENES remind us of Canada, Scandinavia or Russia, but they were taken in Heaton Park on Friday 29th of December 2000 when fog descended on an already snow-covered Manchester. The views are from either side of the driveway from Middleton Road to the hall.

How far are we from Manchester city centre?

A) 3 and a half miles (5km)
B) 7 miles (11km)
C) 10 miles (14km)

33) Soon you will be able to ski 365 days a year just ten minutes walk away from Manchester city centre.

True or False?



34) HEATON HALL is seen here shrouded in the mist which descended on Friday 29th of December.

The flower beds in front of us are lie dormant under a thick layer of snow - What a contrast with the scene during summer (below).

Which monument was moved from the spot in front of us to the city centre after restoration?

A) The Market St Obelisk
B) The Victoria Fountain
C) The statue of Oliver Cromwell

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