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35) THIS HILLTOP CHURCH is of a unique design. What is the name of the church and where is it located?

A) St Mary's Church, Prestwich
B) St Luke's Church, Cheetham
C) St Leonard's Church, Middleton

36) WE ARE OUT WALKING IN THE PARK again - what a wonderful sight to see the snow and ice illuminated by the bright afternoon sun.

But which park is this?

A) Wythenshawe Park
B) Crowcroft Park
C) Platt Fields Park

37) ROWS OF RED BRICK TERRACED HOUSES built on a sloping site are typical of many towns in northern England. Can you guess which town this row of houses is located in?

A) Middleton
B) Delph
C) Warrington

38) THESE TWO VIEWS from an upland viewpoint show one of the string of towns which encircle Manchester like a crescent. Open the larger size pictures, study them and decide which town we are looking at.

A) Bolton
B) Stockport
C) Hyde

39) THESE TWO VIEWS show a famous hill to the north west of Manchester - it is one of the highest points in the region and is distinguishable by a very prominent landmark which stands on the summit. What is the name of the hill?

A) Pendle Hill
B) Winter Hill
C) Werneth Low

40) THIS BEAUTIFUL SUNSET over a snow-covered field to the north of Manchester was captured on Saturday the 30th of December 2000.

At what time exactly did the sun set on that day?

A) 3.58pm
B) 4.08pm
C) 4.18pm

41) THE TOWNS TO THE NORTH and east of Manchester are connected by long straight roads like this one, probably built on ancient tracks. Which two towns does this road link?

A) Oldham and Ashton
B) Bolton and Wigan
C) Bury and Bolton

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