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42) THIS COUNTRY PARK was a place of industry in past times - these pools once stored water which drove a giant water wheel. A cotton mill stood close to here which was later converted for paper making after the cotton famine of the 1860's.

What is the name of this country park and where is it?

A) Park Bridge, Oldham
B) The Burrs, Bury
C) Quarry Bank, Styal

43) STEAM TRAINS STILL OPERATE 12 miles the north of Manchester on the East Lancashire Railway. The ELR runs between Bury and Rawtenstall. Here we see a train crossing a bridge over a river. What is the name of the river?

A) The Irwell
B) The Mersey
C) The Medlock

44) THESE STREETS AND HOUSES could be anywhere in the Manchester area, or anywhere the UK for that matter. There is nothing special or unusual about this wintry suburban scene, captured in the twilight period after the street lights have come on but before it has turned to night. Most people are tucked up in front of the telly, but Eyewitness in Manchester is out taking photographs. Where are we?

A) Whitefield Road, Bury
B) Houldsworth St, Reddish
C) Kingsway, Alkrington Garden Village

45) THIS PHOTOGRAPH was captured just after dusk on Saturday 30 December. Can you guess what temperature was recorded in Manchester at 6am that morning?

A) minus 10 degrees C / 14 F
B) minus 6 degrees C / 21 F
C) zero degrees C / 32 F

46) WE ARE LOOKING towards Manchester city centre along the road named Red Bank, once the scene of some of the worst slums in Manchester. To the left we can see the disused Victoria Station to Bury railway viaduct. Over to the right we see the brightly illuminated car park of the Manchester Evening News Arena.

What is name of the large office tower in the left of the picture?

A) The Arndale Centre tower
B) Sunley Building Piccadilly Plaza
C) The CIS Building

Extra question: Can some astronomically minded reader please tell me the name of the heavenly body located to the right of the moon at the top centre right of this picture - thank you. E-mail

47) OVER CHRISTMAS I received snowy photographs from readers in different parts of the world.

This picture - which for consistency I have stamped with my own copyright - was sent by a reader who grew up in Stockport and shows a road in the picturesque New England town of Stamford Connecticut.

True or False?

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