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48) THESE RATHER ATTRACTIVE GATES are situated at the south end of a large estate in Cheshire which is administered jointly by the National Trust and Cheshire County Council. Unfortunately, the gardens were closed due to the potential hazard caused by the snow, and I was very disappointed not to be able to take a photograph of the stately home.

What is the name of the estate?

A) Capesthorne
B) Tatton
C) Tabley

49) NO PRIZES FOR GUESSING the name of the UK's most famous radio telescope, situated in Cheshire not far from the village of Goostrey. Jodrell Bank radio telescope is 43 years old (same as yours truly) and its most famous director was astronomer Sir Bernard Lovell. In 2000, there was a suggestion the telescope might have to be closed down due to lack of funds - what a catastrophe that would be.

Which Greater Manchester university does the telescope belong to?

A) Salford University
C) Manchester University

50) HERE WE SEE AN IDYLLIC CHURCH AND POND, unchanged for centuries - one of the timeless attractions of Cheshire. Nearby is a medieval hall which is open to the public in the summer months, but still used as a family home the year round.

What is the name of this place?

A) Great Budworth
B) Lower Peover
C) Gawsworth

51) ON THE AFTERNOON OF the 31st of December 2000, I witnessed blizzards in the countryside near Manchester, though in the city, a thaw had already set in. This is a composite panoramic photograph, so the sheep in the left and centre of the picture are actually the same one - though you probably noticed that!

In which county did I take this picture?

A) Cheshire
B) Lancashire
C) Derbyshire

53) A POLICE SIGN SAID the A54 south of Macclesfield was closed due to the bad weather, but I drove up it anyway. Soon I encountered quite hazardous driving conditions and had to turn round.

This steep and winding road passes by the distinctively named villages of Wildboardclough, Flash and Wincle. Which Derbyshire spa town would we have reached if we had been able to continue along this road?

A) Matlock
B) Glossop
C) Buxton

54) THE LAST PICTURE of the year 2000 to appear in Eyewitness in Manchester was taken at nightfall in snowy conditions south of Macclesfield, Cheshire. It shows a hill from the top of which you can see three counties (though obviously not in weather like this!). It's quite a spooky place and there is evidence that it had some significance for the prehistoric inhabitants of this area. What is the rather intriguing name of this hill?

A) Mow Cop
B) The Cloud
C) Mam Tor


THAT'S THE END of the EWM Photo Quiz December 2000, and I hope you enjoyed doing it as much as I enjoyed taking the photographs and setting the questions! Hope you got a high score! If you'd like to see more quizzes in Eyewitness in Manchester, please let me know.
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