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STEPHANIE BISHOP plays a defence lawyer in Daddy Fox, working closely with Gillian Jephcott.

The silken-haired actress from Heaton Mersey has a look of Charlie's Angels, with a striking on-screen presence.

This is her first major film role, though she has played many smaller tv parts including Hollyoaks, Brookside and more.

COLIN MEREDITH plays the sharp-witted and inquisitive detective Breen in Daddy Fox. This is a type of role he has played in several television dramas previously.

His performance was especially powerful in the interrogation scene in which the two CID men from hell put Malc and Shaun through the mill.

Colin Meredith's other dramatic involvement couldn't be further removed from this - Every year his production company puts on the Christmas pantomime at the Gracie Fields Theatre, Rochdale - As Simple Simon, diminutive Colin bounced around the stage in a green wig. The production was excellent and I would recommend everyone to go and see it when it's on again in the winter.

SHAUN CARTER plays one of the three lads in the John McCormack film Daddy Fox.

Shaun, from Levenshulme, is new to acting, though he has extensive experience as a musician, guitarist and songwriter.

One of the most under-stated of people Shaun turned in a low-key and totally natural and convincing performances both in Corfu and Manchester.

ERIC MCNICHOLL plays one of the two detectives in the feature film Daddy Fox.

Eric's on-screen persona is equally unpleasant whether as the pushy but inexperienced detective in Daddy Fox, or the dim-witted spitting thug in The Van Boys, John McCormack's first feature.

The man with the crooked stare grew up on the mean streets of Paisley, near Glasgow, and has an accent to match.

He is a successful businessman with a liking for Saab convertibles who went into acting when a friend suggested he'd be good at it.

PAUL WALKER plays Phil, one of the three crazed brothers of Maggie Richardson in the film Daddy Fox.

This is Paul's second 'bad guy' role with John McCormack - in The Van Boys he played a Geordie gangster who orders the killing of Van Boy Paul Usher.

Paul Walker's remarkable physical presence and dramatic power became evident in the torture scene, when, swigging a bottle of vodka, he sits astride his victim and subjects him to a deafening torrent of verbal and physical abuse. Watching just off camera, I was in a state of mild shock by the end of the scene.

Paul Walker divides his time between acting and a successful business career.

ANDY J QUINN plays one of Maggie's brothers in the film Daddy Fox.

Mick is a thoroughly nasty character, described by one commentator as the person he would least like to meet in a dark alleyway at night. In the scene lower left we see him taking perverse pleasure at running his knife up and down the body of Anita Dobson.

Andy Quinn the person couldn't be more different from the character he plays - In real life he's just about the most gentlemanly bloke you could ever meet, with a self-effacing sense of humour.

As well as an experienced actor, he's also a highly gifted songwriter and musician - some of his compositions have been used in the film.

Like me he's an ex Xaverian College lad. I think we'll be seeing more of him on our screens in the near future.

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