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THIS IS GORTON, looking north east across a field bounded on two sides by these dramatic branchless trees. On the right is Wembley Road, but from an old Ordnance Survey map I notice it used to form a section of Pink Bank Road, the upper part of which still exists a mile to the north west. Across Melland Playing Fields on the left is Spurley Hey High school and visible through the trees is a set of dwellings built during the 1930's, now boarded up and unoccupied.

This spot is interesting due to the unusual form of the trees, the open field which is also visible on old maps, and because we are standing on an ancient boundary marked by a line running along the footpath on the left. This geographical feature begins in south Manchester and runs through the present day borough of Tameside, through Denton and beyond. The origins of this line are shrouded in mystery. What is its name?

Clue: It's also the name of a tragic ex-Velvet Undergound female vocalist who lived in Manchester during the 80's

a) Nico Ditch b) Offa's Dyke c) Reeds Lane

WE ARE ON KING STREET, it's dusk and we are looking up at one of central Manchester's tallest and most imposing buildings.

That row of pillars can only be seen properly from bird's eye level (I hope to get up there soon).The statue of Neptune looks out over the city, radiating power and influence.

It's a fitting home for a company which helped bring about trading prosperity for Manchester from around the end of the 19th century. That company no longer occupies the building which still bears its name - What is the name of this building?

a) Rylands House b) Sunlight House c) Ship Canal House

THIS IS MARKET STREET, in the Arndale Centre underpass, and what is going on here? They are carrying out resurfacing work, part of the local authority's redevelopment of Market street. But what are those rails doing there? Are they:

a) New tram lines for a new Metrolink route b) Old tramlines uncovered by excavation c) New decorative tramlines to similar to those in the Printworks

WE ARE LOOKING FROM THE TOP OF KING STREET towards Market Street. The Reform Club, now renamed Reformed, is on the left, and the former Barclays Bank, now Rothwells, is on the right. The brown stone building is the Athenaeum, a.k.a. Nos 1 & 3 York Street, (Charles Heathcote 1902). Originally built for Parr's Bank, it later became a branch of the National Westminster Bank. It narrowly escaped demolition and is now a cafe bar and fashionable nighttime haunt.

Rising up behind is one of Manchester's tallest and most unremarkable buildings, looking in my opinion like a pile of Ryvita coloured egg boxes.

This 1970's office tower ironically bears the name of a Manchester-based artist who died during that decade and whose world had nothing to do with this building. What is the name of the building?

a) Valette House b) Riley House c) Lowry House

INTERESTING AND INSPIRING post war buildings do exist in Manchester, though there aren't many of them. This, in my opinion, is one of the best. With its smoked glass windows, skyward vistas and hidden nooks and crannies, it fascinated me as a child. It was designed by architects Brett and Pollen, was completed in 1969 and won an RIBA award. What is the name and location of this building?

a) Pall Mall House King Street, b) Arndale Tower Cannon Street, c) Highland House, Blackfriars Street

A RAM RAID TOOK PLACE during March 2001 at this location in city centre Manchester. Early on a Sunday morning, raiders drove up to the Marks & Spencer store, rammed an entrance and stole many thousands of pounds in wages.

This Greater Manchester Police sign requests passers by to provide information.

What is the name of this street?

a) Victoria Street, b) Cross Street, c) New Cathedral Street.

WE ARE LOOKING from the Calatrava or Trinity footbridge down the Irwell towards Castlefield. On the left is the City of Manchester, on the right, the City of Salford - the boundary runs down the centre of the river.

What is the name of the next bridge? Clue: It has regal connections

a) Victoria Bridge b) Windsor Bridge c) Albert Bridge


THIS IMPOSING AND HIGHLY ATMOSPHERIC church is situated in Pendlebury (City of Salford). Its location is unusual, in the middle of an open site with no buildings around it. On north side is the graveyard, overlooked by a factory and chimney. On the south side there are playing fields.

This church was painted by LS Lowry in 1920, and at the time he painted it, there were no trees. In front of the church there is a memorial to miners killed in a 19th century colliery explosion.

What is the name of the church? Clue: Lowry also painted a church by the same name which stood close to the present BBC site near Oxford Road. It was destroyed in wartime bombing raids.

a) St John's b) St Augustines c) St Peters

GLOSSOP (Derbyshire/High Peak) is at the easternmost fringe of the Greater Manchester area, and is set in an attractive valley. Living here you can commute into Manchester by bus or train, and enjoy the Pennine views, walks and local attractions during non-work time.

How far is Glossop from Manchester city centre?

a) 12 miles (19km) b) 16 miles (25km) c) 9 miles (14km)

GLOSSOP is located in the county of Derbyshire and in the local authority area of High Peak. Here we see the central square and war memorial.

The main street is divided into High Street East, and beyond the next set of traffic lights, High Street West. This street forms part of the A57, which runs from Liverpool through Manchester and Sheffield to Lincoln.

If you continue along this road due east, what is the name of the 'pass' or valley you will travel along?

a) Woodhead Pass b) Holmfirth Pass c) Snake Pass


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