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THIS IS LIVERPOOL ROAD in Manchester's Castlefield district. As we can see from the dark plaque on the wall, this is a historic location. What special distinction does this place have?

a) Birthplace of Richard Cobden

b) The first passenger railway station in the world

c) The set of Sherlock Holmes on the Granada TV lot

THIS FEATHERED city dweller is, if my knowledge of bird species is correct, a mallard (any ornithologists out there please correct me if I'm wrong). In the background we can see part of the Duke of Bridgewater's Canal, with the intersecting railway viaducts on the left.

We can see the lock gates in the lower right of the picture, but do you know the number associated with this lock? Clue: It's part of the name of a pub on the right:

a) 92 b) 38 c) 10

THIS IS A CLASSIC NORTH COUNTRY MILL building dating from the 19th century and it's still very much in use in the 21st. The neatly tended bowling green in the foreground preserves the character of times past.

There are many mills like this one around Greater Manchester, but can you name the place where this mill is located?

1) Stockport 2) Oldham 3) Swinton

WE ARE AT REDESMERE, one of the many 'meres' or lakes which are a picturesque feature of Cheshire. Redesmere is close to Capesthorne Hall, around three miles south of Alderley Edge.

There's a parking area conveniently situated next to the water's edge, protected by railings. Waterfowl gather on one side of the railing while human visitors park their cars and watch the birds on the other.

The bird on the right with its distinctive black neck and white colouring on the head is a species which can be seen on almost every lake in the Manchester area. What is it? (Make your choice before looking at the lower picture)

a) Canada goose b) Black headed goose c) Cheshire goose.

WITH ITS IRIDESCENT PINKS AND PURPLES this sunset is reminiscent of a Liam Spencer painting,

I deliberately captured this photograph out of focus to test your powers of recognition. Where is this place?

a) The Imperial War Museum North, Trafford Park b) The Trafford Centre c) The Lowry Salford Quays

THE MANCHESTER RACES used to be located on this site until their closure. Now it's a hall of residence for Salford University. The races used to be held on a tongue of land enclosed in a bend of the river which gives this place its name. What is the name of this location?

a) Croal Park b) Castle Irwell c) Irk Valley


A GEM OF A BUILDING preserving the character of the old city, this former co-operative grocery overlooks a busy roundabout, here brightened up by April daffodils. Today it's a catering supplies store.

What is the name written on the side of this building (select your answer before looking at the larger size pictures underneath)

a) Pendlebury Co-operative Industrial Society Ltd

b) Pendleton Co-operative Industrial Society Ltd

c) Pendle Co-operative Industrial Society Ltd

THE MANCHESTER RACES are referred to on these two notices overlooking the roundabout on Frederick Road Salford.

The stone on the left has the following inscription:

"Land for the improvement of this corner was given to the Mayor Aldermen and Citizens of the City of Salford in 1927 by the Manchester Racecourse Co Ltd.

A further gift of land to permit the building of a traffic roundabout was made by the company in 1953."

In what year did the Manchester Races close?

a) 1952 b) 1962 c) 1972


THIS THE VIEW OF MANCHESTER CITY CENTRE as seen from Vine Road Kersal, City of Salford. All major buildings in the city centre can be seen ranging from the tower of Strangeways Prison on the left to the flats in Salford on the right.

The tallest building is the one on the far left of the picture. What is its name?

a) CIS Building b) Arndale Tower c) Highland House

THIS CLASSICAL CHURCH on Bury New Road is one of the most distinctive in the Manchester area. A church in Stockport with a similarly styled Greek portico was demolished. Another near the Stretford Chorlton border has been converted into offices. This one is still in use as a place of worship, but by which religious community?

a) Church of England b) Islam c) Greek Orthodox Church

WE ARE LOOKING ALONG Bury New Road, Salford, with the distinctively styled church on the right. It's a sunny afternoon in March 2001 and the leaves will shortly start to appear on the branches of the trees, obscuring the church facade.

If you continue along this road, which well-known Manchester suburb (part of Bury MBC) will you reach?

a) Prestwich b) Crumpsall c) Middleton


THIS HISTORIC ROAD used to be the home of wealthy mill owners and reformers. Nowadays it has a more modest character, but preserves something of its original atmosphere through the cobbled road surface and the street lanterns (actually modern additions)

Manchester United used to have a practice ground here. What is the name of this place?

a) Bowdon near Altrincham b) Fairfield, near Droylsden c) The Cliff, near Higher Broughton,

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