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THIS IS EGERTON STREET, the continuation of the A57 Mancunian Way leading to Dawson St which leads to Regent Road, Salford and the M602. Those street names are confusing aren't they, a legacy of changing times - former side streets have been merged to become a major throughfare in modern Manchester.

A Metrolink tram is passing along the viaduct, formerly used by trains from Central Station. April daffodils brighten up a dull, overcast scene. On the left, former warehouse buildings at Britannia Basin are being converted into prestige apartments by developers Urban Splash.

But what's that intriguing structure on stilts to the left, shaped like an elongated fig roll? Is it:

a) One of the new apartments specially built for an eccentric client? b) A new Metrolink station to be mounted on top of the railway viaduct? c) The Urban Splash Britannia Basin sales office?

A GARDEN IN DIDSBURY with an astounding selection of flowers, plants and shrubs, many extremely rare. Footpaths lead through the sloping flowerbeds and bushes round a pond and up the hillside.

I couldn't decide whether to do the picture in black and white or colour, so I've included both.

The person after whom the gardens are named used to live in the nearby parsonage. This person was an important local figure in the 19th century - a pub in Didsbury was recently renamed after this figure. What is the name of this place?

a) Fletcher Moss Gardens b) Ben Brierley Gardens c) Marie Louise Gardens

THIS IS ONE OF MANCHESTER'S oldest streets, linking one of its newest quarters - the Exchange Square area - with Rochdale Road. It's one of the main gateways into the city centre for traffic coming from the north.

On the left is the car park next to Smithfield Markets. Straight ahead is the Arndale Centre with the monolithic hulk of the Arndale Centre tower rising into an otherwise empty skyline. On the right is the site of the transport interchange proposed by the City of Manchester. The development has been delayed due to objections relating to the design. To the right is the roofline of the Printworks entertainment complex, in EWM's opinion one of the best things to happen to Manchester City Centre during the current wave of redevelopment.

With its empty building plots, redundant street furniture, lack of traffic and the still yellow-tiled exterior of the Arndale Centre, this is hardly a fitting gateway to a world-class city centre. Change is on the way, though, and I intend to re-photograph this location in a few years time. I wonder what it will look like then. In the meantime, can you tell me the name of this street?

a) Corporation Street b) Millgate c) Shude Hill

THIS BACKLIT ADVERTISEMENT for Bioform bras grabbed my attention as I was walking from Deansgate to King Street on Wednesday 11 April 2001. Apart from the obvious, what was it about the photograph which particularly made my eyes pop out?

a) It's Manchester's first video advert - the model moves her arms and turns to attract the attention of passers by

b) It's Manchester's first stereoscopic advert - If you look at it from around three feet away, the lady's bust appears to stand out in 3D

c) It's Manchester's first 'moving eye' advert - the eyes move and wink to attract the attention of passing pedestrians and drivers

WE ARE LOOKING FROM THE window of Gate 24, Manchester Airport Terminal One towards the new Radisson Hotel. It's around 7.20 am on the morning of Saturday 14th of April 2001. The recently completed Radisson hotel enjoys panoramic views over the apron from a control tower-like top floor restaurant.

In front of us, an Airtours Boeing 767 has been pushed back from the gate and is about to proceed to the runway for take-off. Airtours is a highly successful travel company based to the north of Manchester in the district of Rossendale.

In the lower picture, the Airtours plane has started moving. It is passing a Britannia Airways plane and an Air 2000 Boeing 757. In front of us is the Lufthansa Boeing 737 which is about to fly Ann and myself from Manchester to Frankfurt for our connecting flight to Dubai.

This morning, flights are not taking off from Manchester's second runway, but are using the old runway - I'm not sure why. On what date did the new runway open?

a) 5 February 2000 b) 5 August 2000 c) 5 February 2001

IT'S TIME TO BOARD OUR FLIGHT NOW, so we will take our leave and I hope you've enjoyed the quiz. This and more Eyewitness updates will be published while Eyewitness in Manchester is in the UAE from 14 to 26 April 2001. That's all for now and I hope you'll drop in again soon.

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