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JOHN MCCORMACK AND TARA DANIELS relax on board the yacht 'Bettina', Wednesday 16th of May 2001. Tara had just arrived in Cannes from Manchester.

John interviews Tara for his video diary of the Cannes Film Festival, for broadcast on BBC Northwest Tonight.

Tara's off the shoulder red and white striped top was designed by Manchester-based fashion designer Vicky Martin.

Cannes on the south coast of France is a far cry from John's home district of Wythenshawe. Tara is currently based in Didsbury, Manchester.


THIS PANORAMIC VIEW OF CANNES 'VIEUX PORT'' (old harbour) is what you see from the bridge of the yacht Bettina, home of the Daddy Fox team for the duration of Cannes 2001. To the to the left and right are other yachts hired by film-related companies for this year's festival.

Across the harbour, on the hill known as Le Suquet, is the Musée de la Castre, a castle which once belonged to an order of monks and is now a museum.

It looks interesting, but there's no time for sightseeing during the Cannes Film Festival!

STEPHANIE BISHOP, TARA DANIELS, DAVE COURTNEY AND DES BORU socialise on board the yacht Bettina during the party held on Thursday 17th May for Daddy Fox cast, crew and friends.

Stephanie Bishop played defence lawyer Lauren James in Daddy Fox. She also co-wrote the story. Tara Daniels played the emotionally dysfunctional Maggie Richardson. Flamboyant East End personality Dave Courtney was Judge Freeman and actor Des Boru played the 'charming barrister'.

In the background, on the next yacht but one, we can see the exclusive party held by American pop superstar and FHM magazine's 'sexiest woman in the world', Jennifer Lopez.

TARA IZADIFAR AND ROY VERNON in the cabin of the yacht Bettina during the party held on Thursday 17th May for Daddy Fox cast, crew and friends.

Tara Izadifar's striking looks come from her mixed English and Iranian parentage. She was one of the assistant producers of Daddy Fox on the Manchester shoot.

Roy Vernon, from Wythenshawe, is one of the four producers of Daddy Fox and also played an arresting police officer in the film.

AN EXCLUSIVE PARTY HELD BY JENNIFER LOPEZ, American pop superstar, was held on the next yacht but one from Daddy Fox yacht Bettina, on Thursday 19 May 2001.

Some members of the Daddy Fox team managed to gain entrance to the party. Eyewitness in Manchester preferred to stay aboard Bettina!

The Cannes Film Festival is a glamorous and often superficial event, but when you're among friends and associates you can just relax and enjoy the event.

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