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CHANNEL 4'S BIG BREAKFAST SHOW staged an outside broadcast from Cannes featuring the cast and crew of Daddy Fox, including Steven Pinder (Brookside) and Martin Hancock (ex-Coronation St).

We had to be there at 7am for the broadcasts which went out live across the UK as part of the Big Breakfast Show. Each spot lasted a few minutes and gave a snapshot of Cannes in the programme's light-hearted and eccentric style. We found out that presenter Mike McClean is also from Manchester and trained at the Arden school of drama.

It was an excellent piece of exposure for the film Daddy Fox. John McCormack captured the event for his video diary of the Cannes Film Festival 2001, produced for the BBC.

CANNES IS A GLAMOROUS RESORT situated on the Côte d'Azur, on the south coast of France.

Here we are looking from the film festival area along the Plages de la Croisette, the beaches on the Croisette, the main seafront boulevard in Cannes.

In front of us is the public beach. Beyond that are the private beach areas which belong to the exclusive hotels which overlook the Croisette.

The public beach is free, the private areas cost between 50 and 250 francs per day (£5 and £25 or 7.30 and 38 euros)


LEADING LADY TARA DANIELS rides a taxi to the premiere of Daddy Fox, accompanied by crewmembers Kirsty Hall (hair and make-up) on the left and Liz Nagel (production assistant) on the right.

The taxi is stuck in traffic on the Croisette, the main coastal boulevard in Cannes. It's about 4.55 and the premiere of Daddy Fox begins at 5.30. Luckly we arrived on time.

Kirsty is from Stockport, Tara is from Didsbury and Liz is from Romiley. The Cannes Film Festival is a far cry from home and everyone is enjoying every minute of it!

THE WALK FROM THE YACHT TO THE PALAIS DES SPECTACLES for the premiere of Daddy Fox turns into a fashion parade, with female cast and crew members wearing their best gowns.

Charlene Vernon, daughter of producer Roy Vernon played one of the girls in the Corfu shoot. She wears a classic black dress with a square neckline. Cheryl, friend of Tara Izadifar, wears a pink gown in a style previously worn by Liz Hurley. Michelle, other daughter of Roy Vernon wears a black mini-dress while Michelle McDermott, (production assistant), is in a pastel green skirt and cardigan.

Tara Izadifar, production assistant, wears a full length pearl-coloured satin ball gown, whilst Tara Daniels, Daddy Fox leading lady, wears a black chiffon dress, off one shoulder, adorned with red rose neckband. The dress was designed by acclaimed Manchester-based fashion designer Vicky Martin.

Birmingham-based model Lisa Meah, who played a flirtatious role in the Corfu scenes, wears, a cutaway cat suit held together with laces- in fact she wore this creation on the day before the premiere, but I included it on this picture as it's one of Lisa's typically eye-catching costumes.

The official premiere of Daddy Fox was on the 18th of May 2001. This was also the day John McCormack secured a distribution deal with Giants Entertainments Inc.

STEPHANIE BISHOP AND TARA DANIELS are photographed outside the Palais des Spectacles, Cannes, after the official premiere of Daddy Fox.

Steph is wearing a black full length gown and shawl. Tara is wearing a distinctive black dress with diagonal hem and shoulder line, designed by Manchester-based fashion designer Vicky Martin.

Stephanie Bishop was defence lawyer Lauren James. Tara Daniels played psychotic Maggie Richardson.

DADDY FOX CAST MEMBERS pose for photographs outside the Palais des Spectacles on the Cannes seafront.

Top left: Leading lady Tara Daniels (Maggie Richardson) and Jane Relph (barmaid) pose in front of the famous red carpet.

Top right: Daddy Fox cast members pose in front of the Palais des Spectacles main entrance. From left to right: Colin Meredith, Malcolm Pitt, Steven Pinder, Jane Relph, John McCormack, Tara Daniels, Eric McNicol, Stephanie Bishop, Robert Maxfield and Lisa Meah.

Lower left: Second assistant director Liz Stankard and assistant director Martin Riley. Highly talented film maker and musician Martin Riley is the least photographed but perhaps hardest working member of the Daddy Fox team and played a key role at every stage of the production.

Lower right: Manchester-based director John McCormack gives the thumbs up sign having successfully completed his film Daddy Fox and premiered it at Cannes 2001. Today, the day of the premiere, 18 May 2001, he has also secured a worldwide distribution deal for the film.

The Palais des Spectacles was opened in 1983 and was soon dubbed 'The Bunker' due to its brutalist modern design. It took over from the earlier Cannes Film Festival avenue which stood on the site of the present-day Hilton Hotel. The Palais des Spectacles is the home of the Cannes Film Festival and other events held in Cannes throughout the year.

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