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DADDY FOX IS THE SECOND FEATURE by Manchester-based director John McCormack. I had the job of official stills photographer and was present at nearly every scene of the film.

This is the calling card I designed and had printed for distribution at the Cannes Film Festival. It features key scenes from the film, with famous personalities including Lionel Blair, Anita Dobson, Steven Pinder and Martin Hancock.

I watched the completed film for the first time on 18th of May. Here's a quick mini-review.

Daddy Fox is a fast moving psychological thriller set in Corfu and Manchester. Mentally disturbed bar owner Maggie Richardson (Tara Daniels) accuses Nick Fry (Martin Hancock) of a murder he didn't commit. Nick and his friends fear wrongful imprisonment and flee to Corfu. They are pursued by the police and by Maggie's equally psychotic brothers. The story culminates in a trial, with lawyer Brook (Steven Pinder) prosecuting. In the end all seems to end well, but the tale has a twist... or two!

Daddy Fox is an absorbing and highly enjoyable film and was very well-received by those who came to it for the first time. It beats the socks off many multi-million pound Hollywood productions, and deserves to do really well.

There is no scheduled release date yet, but we hope to see it in the cinemas later in 2001 or during 2002.

DADDY FOX CAST MEMBERS pose for photos taken by OK photographer Mark Moody. The photographs appeared in the issue which appeared at the beginning of June (dated Friday 8 June)

The actors are on board the yacht Bettina posing against the backdrop of the Cannes Vieux Port (Old Harbour) at dusk.

Top left: Steven Pinder, Tara Daniels, Martin Hancock. Top right: Eric McNicol, Stephanie Bishop Lower left: Robert Maxfield, Tara Daniels, Lower right: Lisa Meah and Colin Meredith.

MEMBERS OF THE DADDY FOX TEAM present in Cannes pose for photos on the upper deck of the yacht Bettina, hired by John McCormack to promote the film.

From upper left: Colin Meredith, Eric McNicol, Martin Hancock, Tara Daniels, Vicky Martin, Justin John, Aidan O'Rourke, Roy Vernon

Lower left: Steven Pinder, Jane Relph, Eric McNicol's wife (sorry don't have her name!), Stephanie Bishop, John McCormack, Lisa Meah, Delroy Chambers, Robert Maxfield and Malcolm Pitt.

This photo was kindly taken for me by OK photographer Mark Moody using the Nikon Coolpix 990.

JOHN MCCORMACK AND STEPHANIE BISHOP pose for a nighttime photograph in front of the Daddy Fox yacht Bettina, hired by John to promote the film.

The yacht is moored at a prime spot next to the Palais des Spectacles, home of the Cannes Film Festival.

John and Steph have good reason to be satisfied, as today 18 May 2001, not only was their film premiered but they also secured a worldwide distribution deal with Giants Entertainments Inc for Daddy Fox and future film projects.

JUAN-LES-PINS is a seaside resort situated about 10km (7 miles) east of Cannes. I stayed at the Hotel Courbet and commuted to Cannes for the film festival.

The top two pictures were taken on my day of arrival (Wednesday 16 May 2001) and show the view of Avenue Courbet from the balcony of my room.

The lower pictures show the view from the end of the jetty early on the morning of Saturday 19 May, when we flew back from Nice to Liverpool. The Hotel Courbet is in the centre of the picture. The rate for a single room was 750 francs or £72.88 per night.

The journey to and from Cannes takes just 15 minutes on the excellent trains of SNCF, French National Railways. The single fare was 13F or about £1.30. Accommodation in the centre of Cannes is much more convenient but needs to be booked well in advance, so I'll soon be making reservations for Cannes 2002.


This is a collage of some of the photographs I took during my visit to the festival (16-19 May 2001). The people featured are as follows:

Top left to right: Robert Maxfield, Tara Izadifar, John McCormack, Stephanie Bishop, Tara Daniels, Dave Courtney, Malcolm Pitt,

Middle: Charlene Vernon, Cheryl, Michelle Vernon, Michelle McDermott, Lisa Meah, Tara Daniels, Jane Relph, Lisa Meah, Colin Meredith, Steven Pinder, Tara Daniels, Martin Hancock, Tara Izadifar, Roy Vernon, John McCormack, Stephanie Bishop,

Bottom: Kirsty Hall, Tara Daniels, Liz Nagel, Eric McNicol, Stephanie Bishop, Delroy Chambers, crew and captain of yacht Bettina, Aidan O'Rourke and Cheryl.

THAT'S ALL FROM CANNES 2001 AND THE PREMIERE OF DADDY FOX. I hope to return to Cannes next year for another film premiere. Relevant links include the Daddy Fox official website which contains many of my production stills for the film, my Cannes 2001 web gallery, with 156 photos of cast, crew and friends, my official websites for Tara Daniels, Malcolm Pitt and Stephanie Bishop, and for a personal view on Cannes and the south of France, see the excellent and amusing

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