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THIS IS THE NEW SYNAGOGUE on Cheetham Hill Road, though it's now used as a warehouse by the Cheetham Hill Clothing Company.

The facade is still in good condition. The central circular window shows the Star of David. The side windows have the semi-circular top characteristic of synagogues.

It's called the 'new' synagogue as it was set up by the newly rich Jewish entrepreneurs of the 19th century who at that time weren't welcome at the older more established synagogue. The two later merged.

Information taken from the Heritage Trail walking tour of Cheetham Hill provided by the Manchester Jewish Museum

THE MANCHESTER FREE LIBRARY, Cheetham Branch stands on the corner of Cheetham Hill Road and Derby St, next to the former New Synagogue.

It has no special connections with the Jewish heritage of this area.

Due to the decline of Cheetham as a residential area, this building has not been used as a library for many years.

After World War 2, Cheetham was designated an industrial district by Manchester Corporation and any remaining residents were obliged to move out.

THIS DERELICT STREET IN CHEETHAM is not far from the bottom of Cheetham Hill Road, and only 10 minutes walk from the city centre.

With its grimy bricks, low doors and windows, cobbles and seedy atmosphere, it retains something of the character of 19th century Manchester.

This location was used in the filming of the Granada TV series 'Sherlock Holmes'.

STOCKS STREET CHEETHAM runs parallel with Cheetham Hill Road and was once a residential street.

Now it is fronted mostly by warehouses built mainly in the post-war era when Cheetham became an area of light industry.

In the lower right picture can be seen part of the presbytery of St Chad's catholic church.

In the upper left picture, a sign is propped up against a 1950's lamppost. It points to a snack bar situated off the picture to the left, proving that there's life in Cheetham yet, though only during the day when people work here.

After 5pm Stocks Street is mostly deserted, apart from the occasional 'lady of the night'.

THIS IS THE DERBY BREWERY ARMS (pub), which fronts Holts Brewery. This elaborate facade speaks of the grandeur of Cheetham in past times.

And just next to the pub, is the building where the state of Israel was born. This was once the headquarters of the Manchester School of Zionism, founded by Chaim Waizmann.

The meeting between Chaim Waizmann and Arthur Balfour led to the Balfour Declaration which stated 'His Majesty's Government looks with much favour on the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine'.

So if you want to know the historical roots of the Israeli-Arab situation, which we hear much about in the media, you'll find them in Manchester.

Information taken from the Heritage Trail walking tour of Cheetham Hill provided by the Manchester Jewish Museum



THE MANCHESTER JEWISH MUSEUM WEBSITE provides information about the museum including opening times, walking tours, courses and events.

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