Green Room Theatre, Whitworth St
Conversation with Arts Co-ordinator for DS98, Tamsin Drury
Sunday July 5th 1998


On Sunday July the 5th I visited the Green Room theatre, and met Tamsin Drury, Arts Co-ordinator for DS98. We chatted about how things had gone and which events she thought were particularly successful.

"All in all the festival had gone extremely well" she told me, though she expressed some disappointment at the low turn out for some of the events.

"We've tried to break down barriers and encourage the audience to take risks...", i.e. to come to events they wouldn't normally come to. "All the Green Room events have been free".

I asked her which events she was most pleased with. "Aerial Ambience was particularly accessible - people were playing with it for ages." She also praised Michael Pinsky's work: 'Transparent Room'. 'Self-Elimination' by Robert Pacitti was another piece she liked a lot, describing it as: "disturbingly beautiful".

Not all the works featured at the Green Room can be called digital art, though they are heavily influenced by digital media, she said.

"It's the end of an exhausting three weeks" she told me. She certainly looked tired, and declined my invitation to take her photograph. "But Digital Summer is coming back in September, with a number of sited works, including 'Virtual Billboards' and 'Com.passion'" ("sited" means site-specific - a work created for that space.)

Tamsin Drury is a freelance arts producer and, since 1996 has run hAb (pronounced "hoeb" - should have a circle on the A - it's Danish for "hope"), an arts production and development organisation. Her partner in hAb is Helen Cole.

I went on to have a look at some of the works on show, and watch (R)ecord (E)rase (C)opy. Reports on the following pages...

Design, words & pictures by Aidan O'Rourke