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Candy James - Owner and MD of Net Nannies

Ex-dancer, catwalk model, backing singer, photographers assistant, software developer, logistics manager and training director, Candy is also a part time TV presenter, having guested on the Granada Sky Broadcasting "Men & Motors" Channel, with more appearances on other programmes to come.

Candace set up Net Nannies in March 1997. The company provides IT support and emergency services, dealing with a wide variety of operating systems and software programs. The company received a 30,000 small business loan in 1996 and looks set for expansion and success.

Net Nannies' "nursery" style corporate image - check it out at - breaks the mould of the "grey suit" computer industry. A friendly, relaxed, no-jargon approach to solving IT problems is the rule at Net Nannies.

Born: Bristol 25 July 1963 Lived in Manchester since: 1991 Place of residence: Salford Quays Secondary School: Cross Hall High School Ormskirk, near Liverpool Training: C programming & business application of IT, Liverpool 1989-90
What do you like most about Manchester?
The vitality, the equal opps, the Council, the "live and let live" attitude - and it's safe: I can go out on my own at night and walk into any pub in town. I've never felt intimidated in Manchester.

How do you rate Manchester compared to Liverpool?
110% better, because it's more eclectic living here, it's very very cosmopolitan. Manchester's got that lovely "re-fresh" feel because the student population. People actually enjoy living here.

What's your least favourite thing about Manchester?
Football - it's too all-consuming here.


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