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Jai Moodie, graphic designer and interior designer

Jai Moodie is an artist of vibrant colours with a strong graphic line and a sense of humour. His work is inspired by Manchester.

Recently he was commissioned by Pizza Express, Didsbury, where he has a residency exhibition with five paintings and a number of drawings on both floors.

His work has also been featured in the media, including his colourful window boards on Langshaw St, Old Trafford, and a 50 foot cityscape mural at St Georges Youth Club, Collyhurst.

Born: Bristol 25 July 1970 Lived in Manchester since: 1991 Place of residence: Hulme Secondary School: Merrywood Boys School, Knowle west, Bristol Training: Manchester Polytechnic (now MMU) 1988 - 1991 Studied Illustration: Got BA Honours 1st Class
What do you like most about Manchester?
The vibrancy, the music, the nightlife, the people - I meet a wide cross-section of people. They're cosmopolitan, relaxed and friendly.

How do you rate Manchester compared to Bristol?
There are lot of similarities, but only in size and layout. Bristol is quite a wealthy city, Manchester is too, but I find Manchester a bit more down to earth, more open.

What do you not like about Manchester?
There are not enough proper restaurants - and too many "poncy" restaurants - I like to be served proper food at a reasonable price. In the south at least there a lot of places aren't pretentious. Some restaurants in Manchester tend to havfe delusions of grandeur, instead of serving good food and just getting on with it!

Favourite artist: Rembrandt Favourite Manchester building: The "Lazy S", Piccadilly approach

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