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MANCHESTER PEOPLE: Richard Leese Richard Leese, Leader of Manchester City Council

COUNCILLOR RICHARD LEESE is the public face of Manchester City Council. His picture appears in local newspapers on a daily basis, and he is frequently interviewed on radio and tv.
He's an ex-teacher and youth worker and has been a Councillor since 1984, and Leader of the Council since 1996.
He once taught in Duluth Minnesota, but for nearly 20 years now, his home has been in Crumpsall, the area he represents.
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Born: Mansfield, 21 April 1951 Lived in Manchester since: 2 Jan 1979 Lives in: Crumpsall Secondary School: Brunts Grammar School, Mansfield Training: Degree in Pure Maths, Warwick University
What makes Manchester unique?
The combination of history, particularly the Industrial Revolution; the combination of being first major industrial city and the first major post-industrial city as well.
What do you like best about Manchester?
There are a lot of "villagey" communities around the city. I like that. The City Centre is wonderful. But cities are principally about people, and what I like best about Manchester is the people.
Is there anything about Manchester that could be improved?
Lots can be improved. What's my agenda? Unemployment, health, education standards, housing quality, the need to replace housing, the quality of the physical environment. It's a tremendous city, but there's lots that can be improved.
Recommended Manchester people:
I'd either like to give no list or a very long list! The number of people who I think are making an important contribution to Manchester is enormous.
Do you use the Internet?
This office uses it, we use it to download government consultation papers, research political speeches, or policy positions. If there is information we want, the Internet is now the first place we go to.

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