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Snowy landscape on Saddleworth Moor east of Manchester
Posted at 10:38 on Friday 30th January, 2015

Snowy Pennine landscape seen over a broken gate next to the A62 in the district of Saddleworth (Yorkshire / Oldham MBC) around 13 miles east of Manchester. We are looking from the A635 Holmforth Road towards the south west into Cheshire. In March 2005 there was was a quick transition from snow to spring. I […]

Interview with Alex McCAnn @AltrinchamHQ
Posted at 14:23 on Thursday 29th January, 2015

I got to know Alex McCann when I was one of the official photographers at Manchester’s In The City music convention and festival. He produced an amazing music magazine and interviewed lots of bands. And then a few years later I looked on LinkedIn and discovered he has built a huge number of connections and […]

Snowy scenes in Manchester – Eyewitness mini-feature
Posted at 19:00 on Wednesday 28th January, 2015

This Eyewitness article appeared in the Manchester Evening News on Christmas Eve 2014, Thursday 24th December. I speculated as to whether there would be a white Christmas in Manchester. It was highly unlikely and it didn’t happen. But just over a month later, on Wednesday 28th January, snow fell in Manchester – horizontally! There were […]

Dusk image of Altrincham Interchange and Stagecoach 370 bus
Posted at 13:56 on Wednesday 28th January, 2015

At Altrincham Interchange, a new bus station building was completed in December 2014. It features a larger, brighter concourse with seating and departure information The bus station is just a few steps from Altrincham railway station used by Metrolink trams and trains operating between Manchester and Chester. The railway station first opened in 1881, replacing […]

The beauty of Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens remembered
Posted at 1:08 on Tuesday 27th January, 2015

So the concrete wall in Piccadilly Gardens is to be remodelled. It can’t be removed as it’s built like a nuclear bunker. I remember the sunken gardens with their concentric rectangular layout, and the Coronation fountain at the centre. It was a cheerful place where shoppers and workers strolled along pathways or sat on benches, […]

East Lancashire Railway five photographs
Posted at 23:51 on Sunday 25th January, 2015

A selection of just five photographs from my visit to the East Lancashire Railway. I prefer to take relatively few photos and select just a handful. As I was working on the images, it seemed natural to crop them to 16:9 aspect ratio. Train at Heywood pulled by locomotive Great Marquess, built 1938, prepares for […]

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