Image title: Dubai skyscrapers and sunset sky seen from the east


skyscrapers and sunset sky seen from the east

The skyscrapers to the south of Dubai seem to rise up out of the desert like a mirage. The sunset sky graduates from blue at the top to gold at the level of the sun, which has only a few more minutes to go before it sinks beneath the horizon.

This view is a potent illustration of how an ultra-modern city has arisen out of a barren desert in just one generation. On 12 May 2004 this image and two others were ordered as prints by a customer in Dubai for delivery in the UK. This was the first order received since Printbutton went fully live on 11 May.


Dubai skyscrapers and sunset sky seen from the east



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Nikon Coolpix 990 digital camera

Dubai, desert, sunsets, skyscrapers, modern architecture

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