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Photo: Manchester LibDems Audrey Jones Keith Whitmore & David Sandiford

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Aidan O'RourkeAidan O’Rourke has built up a wide range of experience in both film and digital photography. He first became interested in photography in 1981. Since 1996 he has documented Manchester and Liverpool in photos and words. Aidan O’Rourke is a multimedia journalist and tutor in photography and languages. He is based in Stockport and covers Manchester, Liverpool and northern England.
Manchester LibDems Audrey Jones Keith Whitmore & David Sandiford

Outgoing Lord Mayor Audrey Jones, with fellow councillors Keith Whitmore on the right, and David Sandiford on the left. These were the original group of three Liberal Councillors on Manchester City Council from 1979 onwards. From May 2004 there are 38 Liberal Democrat councillors on Manchester City Council.

See another photo of Audrey Jones taken at the same time on the Manchester Liberal Democrats website.

In the UK, the post of Lord Mayor is largely ceremonial. The Lord Mayor is elected for a period of one year by other council members on the basis of seniority. At present a few towns and cities including London, Hartlepool and Stoke-on-Trent have powerful executive style mayors, similar to those in the United States.


Manchester, Liberal Democrats, local politics, local politicians

Manchester LibDems Audrey Jones Keith Whitmore & David Sandiford


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