Image title: Berlin Wall at Bernauer Straße by day 1984


Wall at Bernauer Straße by day 1984

Standing by the Wall at Bernauer Straße. The signs says 'Ende des französischen Sektors. Das angrenzende Gebiet gehört zu Ostberlin" "End of the French Sector. The adjoining area belongs to East Berlin" On the other side of the Wall is a watchtower. I am being observed by a border guard. A 'trompe-l'oeuil' painting simulates a hole in the Wall.

Five years later real holes in the Wall would appear and the whole abominable but fascinating structure would be swept away - apart from preserved sections including one further down Bernauer Straße.


Berlin Wall at Bernauer Straße by day 1984



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Berlin Wall, Bernauer Straße, GDR, DDR, French Sector, Wedding

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