Image title: Record producer and thinker Brian Eno at In The City 2000

Record producer and thinker Brian Eno at In The City 2000

Photo of Brian Eno, producer of U2, musical innovator and once member of Roxy Music, here being interviewed by Tony Wilson at In The City 2000.

Visit www.enoweb.com the website about Brian Eno.

On 3 Feb 2005 Brian Eno was interviewed on the Rado 4 radio programme Chain Reaction.

The live interview with one of music's most important but least known influences was fascinating.


Record producer and thinker Brian Eno at In The City 2000



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Nikon Coolpix 990 digital camera Taken from around 30 feet in the audience using the 2x teleconverter with the camera mounted on a tripod. Exposure was 1/3 of a second at F4. Original image 2048x1536 cropped down to 1280x960 to frame the subject.

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