Image title: Steam locomotive 43051 Dillicar Westmorland Oct 1962 - Eddie Johnson Collection

Steam locomotive 43051 Dillicar Westmorland Oct 1962 - Eddie Johnson Collection

This image of a steam-hauled freight train is not only a document of the railway era but also a superb piece of black and white photography, with excellent composition and tonal range. Read the description below by Eddie Johnson. This location is close to where a mainline train was derailed on 23 Feb 07.

Steam locomotives are thirsty beasts requiring huge volumes of water whilst in traffic. Back in 1861 John Ramsbottom, Locomotive Engineer of the London & North Western Railway, invented the water trough, consisting simply of a long metal ducting laid between the rails. Ramsbottom’s first troughs were installed at Mochdre, on the Chester to Holyhead Railway, and were brought into use in October that year. Engines were equipped with a hinged scoop device which could be lowered by the crew into the trough while the locomotive was moving at speed. Amazingly effective, the scoop enabled water to be collected quickly – around 200 gallons per second. The device meant that trains no longer had to stop en route for the laborious and time-consuming business of taking water. Water scoops had to be managed with care. Should the locomotive fireman not wind the scoop – or “dip” – back up in time, he risked the leading coach of his train being inundated, something that happened quite frequently over the years. Our picture shows an 0-6-0 freight locomotive No.43051 of the former LMS railway passing through the beautiful Lune Valley between Grayrigg and Tebay over the water troughs at Dillicar in Westmorland*. This is a level stretch of line (a prerequisite for siting water troughs) prior to the train making an attack on the notorious 1-in-75 bank up to Shap Summit at 1350 ft.above sea-level.

*Since 1974 Westmorland has been part of Cumbria

Read about the Grayrigg derailment on Wikipedia.


Steam locomotive 43051 Dillicar Westmorland Oct 1962 - Eddie Johnson Collection



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Scanned from an original black and white negative

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