Image title: Steam locomotive No.3286 with Pullman train Hadley Woods - Collection E M Johnson

Steam locomotive No.3286 with Pullman train Hadley Woods - Collection E M Johnson

Another magnificent image from the Eddie Johnson Collection. The photo seems to have an aura of the 1920s about it. It looks completely different from one taken in the 50s. This probably has to do with the camera and film used to take the photo. The name 'Hadley Woods' also has an evocative, like the name of a novel, a poem by John Betjeman or maybe even a person. Read the description below by Eddie Johnson for more on the train and the special significance of this place.

One of the legends of the steam era, the Ivatt “Large Atlantic” locomotives, were introduced in 1902 to work express trains on the Great Northern Railway’s main line out of King’s Cross in London. The word “Pullman” has entered the English language as a by-word for luxury rail travel; though the Italians adopted it and use it to describe a luxury motor coach. Actually, the word belongs to America: George Mortimer Pullman produced well-furnished carriages to be attached to trains running on various railroads in the USA. Passengers paid a supplement for their use and Pullman brought the idea across the Atlantic. In 1874 his “cars”, shipped as kits from Detroit, appeared on the Midland Railway’s services from London St.Pancras to Bradford. Within two years Pullman cars were operating on Midland Railway expresses to Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester and Scotland. Eventually, the Pullman Car Company became a concern in its own right in the UK and Pullmans appeared as complete luxury trains, mostly on the LNER and Southern Railway companies – where the electric “Brighton Belle” and the steam-hauled “Golden Arrow” became railway legends. Hadley Woods is an area that has its own appeal for me. My maternal grandmother, Emily Compton, was born in 1862 and spent much of her early childhood in nearby Barnet. The children walked to Hadley Woods to watch trains – true “Railway Children” from a vastly different age and long before the Pullman trains passed through such pastoral surroundings.

Eddie Johnson


Steam locomotive No.3286 with Pullman train Hadley Woods - Collection E M Johnson



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Scanned from an original black and white negative

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